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Website Update Request

In order to streamline the maintenance and website updates, and to make it more productive in completing your website updates, please provide the following details in the set format (Website Update Request):

  1. Website requiring the update
  2. New Page
  3. Web Page URL that requires the update
  4. Priority level: Very High, High, Medium, Low
  5. Text Changes: All content that will be replaced should be provided unless there are minimal changes such as some word replacements.
  6. Images should be attached to the email with correct references to where they should be placed, and image name included.
  7. New Page: If the content provided is for a new page, you are required to provide details as to where the new web page will be accessible from, i.e. which navigation bar, image etc.
  8. Additional Information: Looking for specific features to be integrated into your business website.

Website Update Request Form Downloads

Website UpdateWebsite Update



New Page Yes/No
Web Page URL
Priority Very High | High | Medium | Low
Text Changes: Replace website services with website solutions
Images Place image-website.jpg at the bottom of this page.Multiple images can be uploaded to and links provided accordingly
New Page Navigation  Add to drop down menu under website page(s)
Additional  Information  This area may include a specific webpage or website features and functions that you may be looking to incorporate into your existing website. For example:


Both a Microsoft Word Form and PDF forms are available here:

MS Word Website-Update-Request-Form

PDF Website-Update-Request-Form


Sometimes it may be better to explain what you’re looking for via phone, telephone us today at 425-336-0069 so that your website changes can be made smoothly.



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