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10 Ways to Use Digital Marketing Effectively

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Digital marketing allows businesses to leverage the means of connecting with potential as well as existing customers. In fact, the digital world is limitless with a large population having some access to it. This is helpful to a business that wants to tap into larger audiences. But how does one reach such potential audiences? In fact, some of the best digital marketing techniques! Digital marketing is a way business can outsource and can also get those new customers that they would not usually be able to attract. In fact, digital marketing tactics are a must for any business that’s looking to expand and grow. 

Tactics to Digital Marketing 

To be successful in digital marketing, you should understand how to reach qualified demographics. It is also important to know where advertisements should be placed. This depends on which platform will target the correct audience.  For example, marketing a business that supplies shaving cream on a kid’s game website is not going to be successful. Hence, knowing the place and timing your biggest demographic is going to create more activity. Thus, it has become popular for companies to start advertising with social media influencers as they are able to tap into a large demographic pool.

10 ways to use Digital Marketing Effectively

1. Research

Research on your business and competition. You need to plan on how you want to strategize in the online market. Hence, collect as much information as you can on how effective your digital marketing could be. From keyword research to what your immediate competition is doing with regards to their website design. You will also have to look at any website trouble areas that may exist. For example, is the website correctly optimized with the right tags?

2. The Right Audience

Fully understand what you are trying to get out to the audience and knowing what they want and where they are. Imagine starting a business on web design and marketing it on websites focusses on construction services. You’d most likely get no ROI! Connects with targeting the right customer base. In fact, it would make sense to understand related business (competition). 

3. Investment in Digital Marketing

Knowing your monthly budget will allow you to streamline and plan effectively. Advertising can either be expensive or free. You could argue that the more expensive it is the more customers you’d expect? Of course, some digital marketers could say that. But, that’s not the complete story. Not all platforms offer the same advertising and return on investment. So, knowing what category your business fits in is most crucial and having a good idea in the outcomes will help you better invest.

4. Visual Creativity

Clean cut and attractive visuals will not only engage the viewer but also allow them to stay on the site. In fact, grabbing customers attention will need to be achieved in the first few seconds of landing on a webpage. Yes, not much time, hence why a carefully crafted web page or digital marketing campaign should be set. Also, standing out from the competition is another key when staying ahead, hence original attention-grabbing visuals should be used. Another way to stand out would be to introduce Rich Snippets, that allows additional content to be displayed on search results.

5. Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing is basically a location feature, that makes digital marketing techniques unique and targeted to specific geographical locations. In fact, it helps specify where you want your services or products to be shown. For example, you may only want to offer your services in a specific Geo-Fence border around the city and nowhere else. 

6. Multiple DIrectories

Though Google is the primary search engine, it should not be the only place where your business is placed. In fact, the likes of Bing and Yahoo should also be included. Alongside other directories where potential customers could find your services and/or products. 

7. Product Listing Advertisements

Product Listing Ads are ads display more detailed information to users than standard text-based ads. This, in turn, encourages potential customers to click through to your website. The information in the ads come from your product data feed. These are also referred to as shopping ads and can appear on various platforms. Examples include Amazon, Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Image Search, as well as on the Google Search Partner network.

8. Search Engine Optimization

SEM and SEO are great things to invest in when marketing your business on the internet. Search engines are used most often by people, hence why a website should be optimized via SEO. Search Engine Optimization will allow your website to pop up during searches. In fact, SEO is found to be the most effective way to grow an online presence. 

9. Web Analytics

Knowing what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to digital marketing will allow you to adapt and make adjustments to your strategies. Hence, why web analytics should be set up and monitored on a regular basis. For example, your business could see cyclical peaks or an influx of traffic during an online promotion. Such data will allow you to create a better platform and practices that work well. 

10. Quality Content

Adding original digital content is one core factor when it comes to page one ranking formula and will help our website. In fact, the benefits of blogging will assist in a websites ranking, online presence and should be a regular part of website updates. After all, getting the right content out to existing and potential customers will create brand/product/service awareness.

The Importance of Digital Marketing Services

Besides small business web design and web maintenance, digital marketing should be a priority and a core part of any business looking for online success. In fact, search engines bring traffic to your businesses. Overall, Search engines are the perfect tool for small businesses to expand online. Whether it be for customers, job openings, business or partnerships digital marketing services should be taken seriously by all businesses.

Our Seattle Digital Marketing services utilize the latest marketing tactics for small businesses to be visible online. It’s inexpensive in terms of ROI. Whether its email marketing or just SEO we provide a traffic pipeline to more visitors and revenue.

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If you're looking for web designwebsite development, a new website or just need to revamp an existing small business website, then you’ve come to the right place. Notably, at Visualwebz LLC we understand business owners and the website benefits your business needs. In addition, we understand that being a website owner you will want to see immediate results. Furthermore, we can help your website reach an international, national or local customer base. Besides, we know how to get your customers to you. After all, small business websites and SEO have been our specialty since 2008!

We Deliver the Best Web Services

Our website developers specialize in delivering the best websites and nothing more. More significantly, our qualifications and experience allow us to deliver clear and concise solutions. Whether it's a simple website or one that's complex, or one that is built on PHP or ASP, we will always keep you in the loop during the whole web development process.

Immediately after the launch of your website, we will work with you in improving your online presence. For example, our SEO specialists will help drive traffic to your website. With this in mind. Visualwebz LLC is the ideal firm to hire for your next project. In fact, we will also take care of your web security - remember you will need to secure your website from hackers. Similarly, other website design services offered include website maintenance, support, and website testing.

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At Visualwebz LLC we provide a range of WordPress (WP) web design, website development, and web marketing services to a diverse group of small businesses. Be it a WordPress website design for a large company, SEO for a startup or an e-Commerce website for a brick and mortar small business, we will deliver it. In fact, our web developers have a strong understanding of small businesses. Further more, we encourage you to read Visualwebz reviews and see why our customers are happy with our work and outcomes.


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We offer a range of medical web design services for healthcare practices. In fact, our medical website solutions branch out to all areas of the healthcare industry. For example, our effective dental web design services, offered by our dental web designers serve Dentists, Dental Clinics, Specialized  Dental Practices, Orthodontists, Dentistry, and Dental Practices. For example, Bothell Dental Care.

Also, we don't end there with our website services but branch to other healthcare services like ChiropractorsDoctors, Specialist DoctorsPsychologists, Plastic Surgeries, ChiropractorsPsychiatristsVeterinary practices and other healthcare-related practices. Hire the best medical website developer for your dentist or walk-in clinic, hire Visalwebz LLC.

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Our website builder and SEO services assist all types of businesses. Some of which are:


Web Design & SEO for Professionals


Web services for other industries 

We also offer web design services that benefit nonprofits such as religious centers and churches. For example a project for a local Seattle Christianity website helped this cause gain the online visibility it needed.

We give back!

As part of giving back, we help nonprofits. As a matter of fact, we don't profit from any nonprofit website design or SEO services provided to non-profits. If you have a great cause your working for, then let us help your non-profit. In fact, we may even do it for free! Be it in Federal Way, Bellevue or New York we can help you get results. We can also fix a broken website, and get your charitable cause or church back on track.

Government Agencies and political parties.

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If your looking for website developers near you, you’ve come to the right place! We provide web services to the following areas, but not limited to Auburn, Algona, MiltonSeattleBellingham, WADes Moines, Bellevue, IssaquahBurien, Federal Way, OlympiaFife, WA, Maple Valley, Mill Creek,  Covington, WA, Des Moines, and Seatac. Des Moines and Seatac are generally neighboring cities to Kent.

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Seattle Web development includes numerous online services including SEO and online marketing. As a result, some local areas we serve include:Washington StateAuburn | Bellevue | Eastside – Bellevue |  Bellevue Website Design – Local Website Firm | Kirkland | Bothell |  Des Moines | Federal Way | Renton | Fife | IssaquahKent | Kirkland, WALacey | Lakewood |  Lynwood | Maple Valley |  Mercer IslandMarysvilleMill CreekSeatac WATacoma | Tukwila | Vancouver | Everett | Spokane | Seatac | Seattle Website Design | Renton | Seatac Airport is the main port of entry into and out of Seattle by air.

Notably, serves numerous businesses around Seattle and Bellevue. In addition, other areas in Seattle include: Belltown |  FremontMadison Park | Capitol Hill | West Seattle | Queen Anne | Magnolia | Downtown Seattle | Seattle Website Design Services | Seattle | Northgate | Web Design Seattle Washington | Seattle Web Page Design | Small Biz Web Design

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Besides providing SEO and online marketing to local businesses we also provide such services to small businesses in other states. For example, local cities include SeattleFederal Way, RentonIssaquah, Kirkland, Lakewood, WA, Monroe, Olympia, Tacoma and Bellingham, WA.

Whether you’re looking for a website for an attorney, small law firm, dentist, or marketing a law firm? Our web developers will deliver exactly what you want. Call Visualwebz today at (425)-336-0069.

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Visualwebz has been providing individualized web design and SEO in digital marketing services to Seattle and surrounding areas since 2008. Consider our best web design and online marketing services. One big web design tip is don’t end up with the worst website call (425)-336-0069.

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