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Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends since 2000

Web Design Trends Between 2000 and 2020

Over the years, there have been some great technological advances. Some of these include smartphones, laptops, and virtual reality. When we look at the technologies that we started with, we can learn from what we find. With websites and web design, there have been many changes over the decades as well. When we look back through the years, starting with the early 2000s, we can see how they didn’t really focus on the actual design aspect of the website.

Web designers today care a lot more about how a site looks and how easy it is to use than they did in the past years. Websites were originally used for personal use, and now they are more often used by the public. Businesses use them to sell their products or spread awareness. Web designers are much more focused on designing a website for their users. Their goal is to make it as appealing and easy to use as possible. As we move through the years of web design and development, you will see some of the advances that we have taken, and you will learn where some of our techniques have started from.

What is Web Design?

Before we look at the web design trends over the years, we need to have an understanding of what web design is. Web design is simply the process of creating a website. This may sound simple enough but there are several steps, systems, and time that goes into designing and building these. Some of the formats we use are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the websites you see today. HTML is normally where you would start off the process of creating your webpage. This usually consists of adding the page title, the pictures, the “perfect” page content, and the links.

Once we have used HTML to make the structure of the website, we use CSS to style it. This includes the font, the text, the image sizing, and the different colors you plan on using on your page. Finally, we use JavaScript to add to the interactive aspect of the webpage. As you can probably see, this is a long process that has many steps to it. There is a lot of coding involved, most of it is very simple, but there are some more difficult parts.

For people planning on building their own web page, there are several companies that work to make the web design process simpler.  This is very beneficial for people and companies without a knowledgeable web designer on staff.  Now let’s look more closely into how the websites we know today have come to be.

Web Design Trends 2000 – 2019

In the early 2000‘s most websites consisted of only text. They did not really have any design aspects because there was no way to implement them. However, a few years later there were visual breakthroughs and the development of directories and navigation elements took place. Some of the features that we use today that were introduced include minimum images, links, and the appearance of search boxes. Most of these we still used but they have been significantly modified for improvements for the user. As we move further along through the years. You will see a lot of design elements that are still used today, however, they have been changed from what they were when they first started.

2003 – 2005

More advances took place very quickly. Between 2003 through 2005, Flash, Splash, and millions of colors were added to web design. Flash is a specialized Multimedia software platform. It is used for the creation of desktop applications, mobile applications, mobile games, and so much more. In the early stages of web design, Flash was used for building the website instead of HTML. Flash was so popular at this time because it could do things that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript couldn’t.

2006 – 2008

With the introduction of mobile devices to the public came new web design trends. In fact, this created a huge change in how websites needed to work and what they had to work on. Now, instead of only working on laptops and computers, websites also needed to work on mobile devices. They had to be adaptable for smaller, thinner screen size. Due to the small screen size, websites now needed a long scrolling page. This allowed for all of the original information to carry over onto mobile device applications. If this extended scrolling was not included, websites on mobile devices would have to be extremely small. The website might also cut off and not allow mobile users to view the whole site.

In 2007 we start to see the fall of Flash software used for web design. This is when the first iPhone was released, and unfortunately, it didn’t support flash.

2009 – 2011

In 2010, oversized headers and huge image background became the new trend. It was popular to have on the home screen a huge background image and then put the text over top of it. Typography, which is the style and font of letters, also came very popularly in these years. People started using sIFR and Cufon. These both use JavaScript and Flash to enable typography. Another trend that has come back several times over the years is minimalism. Minimalism is the use of lots of white space to make the website look more clean and simplistic. Oversized footers we’re also very popular at this time.

2012 – 2014

As mobile devices with tiny strings became more and more popular and web design trends. In fact, web designers moved their focus on responsiveness to these devices. HTML 5, CSS3, and jQuery also became very popular and used in this time. CSS3 Incorporated rounded corners and implemented new text features to web design. These new text features were a huge improvement due to the growth in popularity of custom web fonts.

HTML5 added a new structure format for section, headers, footers, navigation, and much more. It also added the use of canvas audio and videos. JQuery was an open-source JavaScript library. Many web designers preferred this because it was compact, powerful, reusable, had a lightweight footprint, and supporting animations. Infographics also became very popular at this time. Most companies use them to spread their ideas and data out to the public.

2015 – 2017

Web design trends with the aim of storytelling were key during 2015-2017. Businesses began to use their sites as a way to tell their story and interact with the public. This also goes along with how businesses started to use custom photography over stock photo backgrounds. Professional photography became a much better way to show the public about the company. In the past years, the abundance of large header background images has grown exponentially. This promoted a decrease in this design trend. Most companies wanted to stand out and since so many people were using this design element, the company steered away from it.

There was a more need for simplicity in this era. This led to the slide-out menus and hidden menus that were beginning to appear on websites.

As the years went by, Flash became less popular. In 2015 Google moved all its YouTube videos to HTML5. This was a big blow to Adobe Flash. In 2017 Adobe officially announced it would stop working on flash by 2020. So, in less than a year from when this article was written, Flash will no longer be a viable option for web designers. Without the flow of new features and advancements, it will become less popular then it is today.

2018 – 2020

Recent web design trends include a rise in the interactive capabilities of websites. In 2018, chatbots, animation, and micro-interaction were introduced. Businesses started using chatbots on their websites to allow users to chat with representatives and get their questions answered right away. The animation was also used as background and in images. A more advanced type of animation is micro-interaction. This is where the animation changes based on the user’s interactions.

This year, there are a lot more changes with color pallets and layouts. Designers are using more vibrant colors to catch the user’s attention. For the layout, more simplistic design is rising. The minimalistic asymmetrical layout is growing in popularity. This layout is more complicated and difficult to execute though. It takes time to add in a lot of these new design features.

Web Design Trends

Generally, websites should be legible, informative, and maybe even sleek, but If you were to go on you would realize that there is much more to the web than just coding a couple of lines one day. This site pushes the boundary of what Is possible on the web. When launching this site you will immediately realize what is special about it’s an elegant blend of photos, information, and interface.

It started in 1991

The first web page was published in 1991 and was merely just a couple of lines of text with links leading to a very similar web page. The white background and single font are impressive by today’s standards, yet back then it was “the” standard. The reason web pages were lackluster is that these web developers didn’t have the same tools that we have today, because of this the past web trends were very different than the web trends today. An evolutionary trend of the past like adding color to a page would be something that is more of a necessity now.

An old snapshot of that can be found on the way back machine, and shows just how primitive things looked in 1996 despite being 5 years late.

Not all sites had to be like this however, there were sites with real color and even logos! For example, McDonald’s had a website and it was full of their trademark mark look. The red on the page would have left you thinking that this was a huge jump in technology and having color was “impressive” at the time. But, this website was somewhat of a disaster. It’s good that it was fairly empty because reading more than a couple of lines off the tomato red background with cheese yellow writing would have given even Ronald McDonald a migraine.

If you look at the McDonald’s website now It looks like they’ve come a long way. Their use of red is very sparse and instead opt to use lots of blacks, whites, and dark grays. This is a huge step up because of how it makes everything legible and toned down.

Apple & Microsoft

Things weren’t always hideous when it came to 90’s web pages. During 1998 Apple made great use of pictures and minimalism in order to make a website that would still stand well today. from 1999 really stood out. This website wasn’t the flashiest or even as aesthetically pleasing as the Apple website, but it did a great job of separating the paragraphs on the page in order to make them all readable. Also, the addition of blue color to show what was clickable and what wasn’t. This Microsoft website’s key goal was to make usable for “anyone”.

Hamburger Menu

First of all, the “Hamburger menu” is one of them. You might have seen the “hamburger menu” in the top corner of many of today’s mobile and any kinds of websites. It is three lines stacked together to roughly form the shape of a hamburger. The main purpose of the hamburger menu is to incorporate a site menu without taking up too much room, the hiding menus of the hamburger menu usually have less importance.

Moreover, the hamburger menu allows for direct access, it allows users to directly access items that are more preferred, instead look through every single item by order. It enhances usability and speed, especially on mobile users expect more speed and quick access even more than on the web, this is why the hamburger menu is using a lot of mobile apps too. The most common example of a hamburger menu is Facebook, users can press the hamburger menu as a tab to access all other features.

Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions are still popular. We can experience micro-interactions on many websites today. They are contained product moments that revolve around a single use case-they have one main task. For example, simple moments of engagement which happen when we press an elevator bottom to like a photo on Instagram, we are performing micro-interactions. Every time you set an alarm, login, or “like” something you are engaging with a micro-interaction. It means those micro-interactions are everywhere in the environment we work and live in, regardless of phones and desktops.

Even though we are living with micro-interactions every day, because of their small sizes and invisibility, they are not easy to be recognized by us. However, they can make our lives easier and more fun. Micro-interactions are loved because they are good for accomplishing a single task, connecting devices together, and adjusting a setting, etc. Micro-interactions are an important part of almost every digital design project, well organized and created micro-interactions will bring convenience to users also will make websites more creative and trendy.


There is no doubt about how visual things in websites impact on users. This is why typography is getting popular and a key web trend. Well-designed typography has a huge impact on lots of aspects of our website including readability, mood, vision, and much more. What is typography exactly? According to Rober Bringhurst, a Canadian typographer describes it in his book as “the craft of human language with a durable visual form. The main purpose of it is not making the site beautiful, more than that it makes sure that the type is readable.

Most websites contain contents and those contents occupy more than 80% of the website. Typography guides the readers through your content, good typography will emphasize important parts of your content that attract customers and your readers to your content. Moreover, typography also can maintain the constancy of websites. Inconsistency and chaos make users experience frustrating and they will not come back to your site anymore. Good typography helps you to solve those problems, it sites up and tidies things in your websites together clearly, it makes users easy to read and find information.

Typography does not only impacts your website’s design also has a really big impact on conveying your content to readers. Well-designed typography will make your website more beautiful and more useful to visitors.

Color Schemes & Website Colors

Color schemes are another vital part of the design that is changing with the times. Colors are becoming brighter, bolder, with an almost retro feel. These palettes are clean and simple, with as few as two vivid colors on a page. Color overlays and full-page, duotone gradients also seem to be popular in contemporary websites. It seemed for a while like the whole tech world was hurdling into the blue—with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Skype, PayPal, and countless other major sites all featuring similar shades of blue in their logos and designs—but now pastels, neon, and earth tones are all popping up, with some color schemes looking like they’re straight out of the 60s or 80s.

In the past, designers were limited to a selection of only 216 “web-safe” colors to choose from. However, with the progress of technology, millions of colors are available at web developers’ disposal. Many websites dedicated solely color palettes for web designers to use are popping up, with palettes displayed as a bar with four or five solid blocks of color.

Now we get to fast forward to today and see what today’s web trends look like and how they are adding to the user experience. According to Wpmudev some of the hottest web trends include things like website color and Google’s idea of what is “material design”.

The Importance of Color

Color is important for aesthetic reasons and usability but the focus should be on the psychology behind color, how do certain colors make us feel? They boldly declare that green will be the color trending. They say that green is “a symbol of new beginnings; a refreshing and revitalizing shade.” This idea of the psychology behind color shows just how much harder web designers are working today than before. Designers of the past didn’t think about what their color “meant” or how it would be perceived by the audience, they didn’t even think about if it looked good.

Material Design

This is the idea that Google came up with. Their goal is to “create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.” they encourage other sites to follow this and are trying to set the standard for what design means in order to create an extremely intuitive website. This is basically a bible for creating a beautiful website and more and more web designers will be following the guidelines.

Material design touches from everything like usability, patterns, style to movement, scrolling techniques, platform adaptation. All of these things might become trends in themselves but one thing is certain, websites will be taking inspiration from Google’s material design.

Rich Animations

More websites are incorporating lively, rich animations. From tiny, detailed touches to huge animations that take up the whole page, the animation is being used now more than ever in web design. Animated transitions between pages, animated notifications, and micro-interactions, or just animations for the sake of fun help guide users and liven up a web page. As more tools become available, the age of Flash animations is coming to an end, and animations no longer slow down servers or interfere with loading time the way they used to.

Overall, the world of design is becoming more and more minimalist. We’ve seen this gradually happening in logos and other designs for the last decade or so, and the web is no exception. With minimalism, information is presented in a simple and direct way, or in other words, “less is more”. Simpler designs put more focus on content, with a single focal point per screen. Combined with strong typography and color schemes, minimalism gives pages a bold, sophisticated feel.

Skeuomorphism Style

Skeuomorphism, a style that involves realistic shading to make 2D elements appear to be 3D, has fallen out of favor. Drop shadows, textures, and realistic gradients have nearly disappeared from the world of web and technology, favoring flat design instead. When Apple dropped skeuomorphism in favor of flat design with iOS7 back in 2013, many reported the new look resembling a Fisher-Price toy.  However, since then, others have followed suit; and flat design has become the standard for on-screen aesthetics.

These changes in the user interface can be observed not only in brand-new, websites but also in sites that have existed for years. Google, for instance, arguably set many of the trends in web design we see today. A pioneer of web minimalism, Google has evolved and modernized their look without endangering its brand over the years. By honing in the focus on those four colors on a white background, they have been able to create a minimal and recognizable brand all around the web. In their most recent change of flattening out their typography into the wide, sans-serif logo we know today, Google has set the standard for the new age of minimalism.

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling has become a popular choice for navigation. It works well with mobile devices and touches controls, it’s simple, and is more engaging for the user. A good idea when implementing long scrolling on a site is some sort of visual cue, whether it’s subtle or obvious you want to let people know that the content will be displayed linearly. Each screen should be thought of as its own page just with a new way of transitioning between them.

You want the screens to have an overall theme or something to connect them so everything looks organized. One thing to be mindful of is users getting lost as they go along, one way of solving that problem is with a sticky navigation system, other solutions include a Jump-to or Got-to-top link. Scroll triggered animations go well with this method. They keep users interested and can even be entertaining and game-like.

Stock Photos

Illustrations are replacing stock photos and other imagery used on websites. They offer more imagination and personalization at a lower price than a professional photoshoot. Designers have more control over the images themselves as well as the technical aspects. There are many things an illustration can convey more simply and effectively than a photograph. As always you want all elements of the site to look united. Animations and layers are often used with illustrations to add depth and creativity. Even if the theme of the site doesn’t include illustrations they are useful for tutorials or quick How-to guides. If users are having fun while learning it will feel like less of a chore.

Flat design

Flat design is still widely used. The aesthetics of flat design are simple and clear and the functionality of the site is improved. It’s much easier to navigate, leading to a better user experience. Flat design helps sites load faster which is good for phones and tablets, they’re also easier to use with a touchscreen. Designing these sites is more straightforward as well, even with more layering and animations the sites function well.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Still not in the mainstream when it comes to websites. But the technology is really pushing to become mainstream and in order for this to happen the web has to change to accommodate it. Major sites like YouTube have already made good use of the technology by adding a 360-degree video that is accessible with a virtual reality headset and many other websites will join in.

VR  is still fairly new technology yet many websites are ready to support it. This will only continue as new web trends emerge. Netflix now supports VR and even Google maps street view supports VR. With YouTube, Google, and Netflix already being on the VR train, it’s hard to think that other websites won’t make the jump as well.

Benefits of Understanding the History of Web Design

Have you ever heard the saying, “you can learn from the past”?  Well, this is quite true in this case. Web design trends seem to resurface several times over the years. Minimalism is a great example of this. There are also several techniques that you might not know about that have been used in the past. Sometimes learning where something came from or why we use it a certain way can improve our understanding of it.

Not only can you implement past trends into web designs today. You can also analyze past websites and learn from them. There so many web design trends that have died for a good reason. Most of them made the website cluttered and users seem to prefer simplicity.

Takeaway On Web Design Trends

There have been many changes to web design over the years. This makes it a very interesting topic to look into for both web designers and people interested in building their own websites. Understanding the history of web design and some of the trends that are used today can be very beneficial. Also, knowing what standard practices are used by top websites can ensure that your site meets its visitor’s needs.

What is possible in web design…

The great thing about web design is that there are no “right” ways to make a website. Hundreds of websites make decisions every day based on many different factors so the innovation is endless. We know what is important when it comes to websites: usability and appearance, and we know about what this year’s landscape might look like. For example, it could be an emphasis on green and the emotions that colors give, the precedent set by Google’s “material design” and support for virtual reality but this is merely part of the web designing industry.

The once “boring”, black, and white web is now a land of endless possibilities and there’s no telling what trends will be and how they will change the way we use the internet for the coming years.

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Web developers are digital professionals that may work as a team or may work independently. Some areas that they may focus on includes:

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Yes, there are many cheaper options available, but you should know the pros and cons of more reasonable website costs. Also, why do affordable websites not consistently deliver what you expect? Connect with one of our web design or online marketers today. Also, we ask you to read our Seattle web design company reviews and see why our customers are glad they allowed us to work for them. Call us at (425)-336-0069.

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Your small business will succeed with our web design and Online Marketing services. Be it a startup, elderly care, dentist, medical practice, an attorney with a law firm, day-care, investment firm, or hair salon. We can do it. Hire a local small business that will help your business grow. Our web design and SEO services are the best for companies. We back our word with over a decade of web design and online marketing experience. Check what our customers are saying about the knowledge they have during the web design and SEO process.

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Whether you are an attorney with a law firmschool, dentist, or any other small business, hire a local web developer for your web page design and online marketing services.

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Besides providing SEO and online marketing to local businesses, we also offer such services to small businesses in other states. For example, local cities include SeattleFederal Way,  IssaquahKirklandLakewood, WA, MonroeOlympiaTacoma, and Bellingham, WA.

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Web Design for Small Businesses

Be it an attorney, dentist, or any other type of startup or small business you may have? Contact Visualwebz for the perfect online solution. We have the right web development skills to get your business competing. 

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