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Web Developers

Web Developers The Internet Web Developers have been the core part of the internet from them earlier days until now. We all have used the internet and not just because its free or due to the website choices available but due to the amount of knowledge and resources...
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Web Development Process

Web Development Process Web Development Process is a set of steps needed in delivering the ideal website that meets the client's requirements. Though there are many website choices available, such steps should still be taken so as to make the website process seamless....
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HTTP vs HTTPS HTTP vs HTTPS discusses the benefits and drawbacks of each. How to use HTTP vs HTTPS. How are you able to tell if you are using the correct type? During 1957 the first satellite was launch into orbit. At this time the United States had focused on making...
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PHP PHP, a three letter acronym to describe a large, old language. It is unknown to many on the internet, and what it does even a greater mystery. This blog will attempt to shed some light by exploring PHP's basic concepts, history, security, and its surrounding...
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History of Adobe

History of Adobe History of Adobe can be traced back as far as the late 70's! Adobe Systems Incorporated has produced products that are used in a variety of ways. This company has created many applications that make creating, editing, designing, and digitizing...
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Responsive Web Development

Responsive Web Development Responsive Web Development  is a must for any new website about to get launched. As new types of devices and resolutions emerge, building a presentable website for all new advancements is not feasible. Developers shouldn’t have to make the...
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Social Media Society

Social Media Society Social Media Society has been getting growing from the start of online chat, and then came the social media platforms. Imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Quite difficult, isn’t it? These online services have such a...
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Digital Content

Digital Content Digital Content is anything that is digital data. Which means digital content is anything along the lines of music, videos, pictures, documents, and eBooks. With the internet becoming more popular, digital content has also increased in line with the...
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Social Media Services

Social Media Services Social media services as part of your business marketing campaign should be set higher up the list! Billions of people worldwide use their smartphones, tablets, and computers to engage in communication without face-to-face contact, known as...
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E-Commerce Platform

e-commerce platform e-commerce platform found to be the best can be decided on a number of factors such as, functionality, reliability, usage, as well as cost. When it comes to any e-commerce platform, they are either hosted by the company or you are able to self-host...
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