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Website Choices...

What type of website do you need? This will depend on your individual business requirements. This page answers some questions you may have regarding a website choice.

Website Choices and what you should be familiar with:

Website choices can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Especially when there are just so many to choose from, ranging from a standard informational WordPress site through to a custom shopping cart system. With any type of project, including website development, we believe we have the best practices in animation and mastered the web design science!

We will aid you in making the right choice. The first thing you would need to ask yourself would be to understand the purpose of your website. Will you be selling services, or will the website be just informational? Will you need control? The list below provides additional information on the type of websites available and technologies you need to be aware of prior to making any website choices.

Though cost may be a big factor, it is highly recommended that you understand where your business will be in a few years. This will help in terms of not going through a complete redesign of your website as the technology it was built on cannot handle your business growth. Questions you would ask yourself would be, will the customer base increase, will more products be added to your product line or will you be branching into other areas? Such up front planning would save you the headache and additional costs. We will walk through and provide options in terms of scale ability  and potential future costs you could incur due to your business needs. We have have built hundred’s or websites for most industries.

HTML/CSS - Static Websites

Websites with only information and features such as shopping cart, blogging, or interaction would fit under this category. Content may be added to the website, but will need to be done by a web master or website developer. Static HTML/CSS websites generally have no content management system.


A Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress is a web-based tool that allows any authorized user to edit the web site content. This type of website option will allow content updates to be handled by the client. We also offer website maintenance and updates as a monthly package.


E-Commerce solutions allow you to sell services and/or products online. Some options available would be an online shopping cart, virtual downloads such as books, and subscriptions. Websites may also need to be integrated with various external systems such as existing warehouse or accounting systems.

Custom Website

Custom website services will be needed where specific requirements can not be met with existing frameworks. Custom programming will need to be carried out to ensure the website functions as required. Customization could also include front end web design and back end development.

Professional and Affordable

Website Solutions and Services

Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web-based tool that allows any authorized user to edit, add and delete content. The benefit of having such a feature is to enable the day-to-day maintenance to be handled by the client. The simplicity varies between different systems, where WordPress is probably rated as the simplest. You will be provided by an editor ‘What You See Is What You Get’. The likes of WordPress and Joomla do make it easier and quicker to publish content on any website. A note of caution, depending on your computer literacy, some editors may be easier to use than others. Overall CMS provides the ability to create new content, add content, insert images and basically control what is viewed on the web site.

You may also want to consider purchasing pre-built CMS templates, which will no doubt bring the cost of development down.

Links to Templates for your WordPress site are:

Static Websites vs CMS

Static websites

  • Cheap and quick.
  • Any web host will work.
  • Updates are difficult and usually require a web master.
  • Design is difficult to change, and a re-design will be needed.
  • SEO is fairly easy to implement.
  • Static websites will not use a database, but will utilize HTML/CSS and a server side scripting language such as PHP.
  • Most web developers are able to build these types of websites.

CMS websites

E-Commerce Website Choices

There are many e-commerce platforms available. Solutions are available using Shopify through to a more advanced Magento platform. WordPress can also be used as a framework for an e-commerce website.visualwebz - e-commerce website development company The cost of such platforms varies from a one time cost to a monthly charge. There will also be a percentage charge per transaction to monthly and annual costs. Such transaction costs are determined based on the amount of sales as well as the merchant account being set up.

Prior to deciding a platform you must be clear with the requirements. For example, how many product lines and product categories will the website have? What payment gateway will be used? (i.e. Authorize, Paypal etc). Will there be fixed shipping, or shipping based on location and weight? Such decisions will influence the system needed when developing a website as well as the cost. It must also be noted that e-Commerce web sites demand a lot more attention than a standard web site. For example fulfilling orders, returns, addition of products, or updating prices.

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