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First Page Ranking

First Page Ranking through effective SEO and Online Marketing will attract customers.

Getting First-Page Ranking the Right Way

Google something. Bam! Lots of results pop up on exactly what you’re looking for. You scroll through the first page and click on a few of these websites. Now you’ve found the information that you needed. Do you ever wonder how that happens? Or how that works? What makes pages appear on the first page? And why is this important?

In fact, it’s vital for small businesses and SEO Experts, especially when it comes to generating traffic and website ranking. This, in turn, results in more sales and exposure.

Have you looked beyond the First Page of a Search?

When you google something, do you ever look past the 2nd page? In fact, 75% of people won’t even scroll past the 1st page. Obviously, you would need to have a good website in order to get a first-page ranking. Also, there are many important factors that help web pages and websites to rank higher.

The first-page ranking or getting a website ranking higher is a must for any business wanting to compete online. Even though a business may be advertising via Google Adwords, SEO is still a necessity. Getting a first-page ranking can be an impossible and challenging task as Google’s adopting machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. But, with the help of SEO experts its possible to get any website to be ranked higher.How SEO Works - Infographic From Visualwebz LLC

The process of SEO and Page Ranking

first page ranking

first page ranking

With so many websites already out there, it would statistically be a safer bet to try and win the lotto than try and create a popular website. A first-page ranking is the process of search engine optimization (SEO) and properly developing your website’s metadata to increase the number of visitors received. In a way, this is parallel to a business in real life. Do you want prime real estate with good visibility to any potential customers? Be prepared to pay the price. Now that you know what first-page ranking is, there are certain things you must research and learn before jumping into the world of search engine optimization.

Is it worth it?

Is ‘first-page ranking’ is worth it or not. Like anything in life, it isn’t as black and white as it would seem. Many of these 45 billion websites are defunct and rarely get updated or visited meaning they are pushed to the bottom of indexing services. Chances are if you are developing a fresh, relevant website you will already be ranked higher than most of these.


Content is pretty much the main element of having a good website and helps with the ranking process. You’re going to need to do a lot of research. You’re not going to have good content if you have no idea what you’re writing about.  Whenever you’re writing, it’s best to be fully detailed. It’s also best to write things that are original. Google algorithms notice when content is being plagiarized thus hurts rankings. Hence, careful planning and being detailed with the content will provide better outcomes. 

Keywords for better First Page Listing

What many people don’t know is that their website contains metadata, or in layman terms, keywords. These keywords are what search indexes and web crawlers use to index and rank your webpage. Now, the main problem is these services don’t see the web page as a human would. Instead, it is analyzing the website’s code and determining to what degree it relates to the search term, how many keywords it ticks off, and the frequency of those keywords. That means if you have a website called my blog with only pictures of bikes tagged as things like pic-1 and pic-2, nobody looking up bikes on google would ever find your page!

Relevant keywords

Without any relevant keywords, your webpage is essentially invisible to the demographic you are trying to reach. This leads me to firmly believe search engine optimization is crucial and should be the base for which you create your webpage around. But, before anyone gets carried away and starts signing up for any and all first-page ranking services they can find, you must realize these are not the same thing. A first-page ranking is to search engine optimization what the Tour de France is to a casual cyclist. It is optimization taken to an extreme in the pursuit of being the best, or in search engine terms, being on the first page. Much like the Tour de France, pursuing the first page is something that just isn’t viable for the average joe.

Are all keywords alike?

BE AWARE! Not all keywords are alike. Zack’s zany zebras are bound to bring up your page at the top if your name is Zack and you post about your zany zebras. But, how many people are looking up those exact terms combined? A common trick used by first-page ranking services is to promise first page rankings, but If an SEO company ranks your business’s website on the first page for five keywords that no-one is searching for then even if you rank in the top position for those keywords you won’t get any visitors to your website.  Another good takeaway from that quote is the first-page ranking is too broad of a term and you should instead be focusing on the number of unique repeat visitors.

Long Tail Keywords

When choosing keywords, try to put yourself in your visitor’s shoes. What kind of things would they type if they wanted to find something? Keywords are critical on how much website traffic you get on your website. There is also a term called “long-tailed keywords”, which is an extra descriptive search. Say if someone wanted to buy shoes, a bunch of listings pop up. Then if you were to type in women’s running shoes you’d get a specific search result. This is considered a long-tailed keyword. Hence focussing on long tail keywords on a website is paramount when targeting specific customers. Ref:

Our SEO Expertise...


Complete Focus

SEO is an unpaid strategy, different from PPC but still requires a clear goal that meets Google's guidelines, thus ranking websites higher. Hence, a holistic approach to SEO means you focus on all areas, such as :

  • Proper in-depth keyword research
  • A great user experience
  • Good technical SEO
  • Providing quality content to visitors
  • Social media strategy that works alongside on-page SEO
  • Speed of website
  • Mobile optimization

We  don't fake or use black hat techniques to get your website at the top, but only to see you banned or drop in ranking further down the road. Hence, why we follow strict guidelines set by Google. Our sustainable SEO strategies ensure rankings are maintained and based on user experience as a first.

Small Business SEO Case Studies

Hiring a reputable web design and online marketing company can massively increase your business’s online presence, especially if the agency has a strong footing in SEO. After all, working with an SEO expert that understands Search engines ever-changing and sophisticated algorithms will be advantageous. As specialists in on-page and off-page marketing, we know how search engines extract relevant information from websites to provide users with accurate and relevant search results. Hence one reason why our SEO agency will guide your website's presence to better rankings, thus allowing your business to gain new customers and generate revenue.

Some of our practices include inserting search engine specific metadata as well as keywords into your website. Also, we will build your website so that it is structured correctly for search engines. In fact, SEO is critical to web design. We use state of the art technology when it comes to increasing the flow of visitors to small business websites.

Just in case you are wondering what all these SEO terminologies are, we ask you to check out a quick infographic on SEO Terms.

We have worked on many websites and effectively ranked them via our SEO Digital Marketing services. From attorney SEO services through to ranking school websites. We can get your website to rank higher and generate traffic. 


Summary of case studies to check:

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Just like a plumber not being able to fix a leak with his/her tools, the same applies to an SEO expert. In fact, our SEO services include a mix of many tools and web development software to get your website prominently placed on search engines. For example. these include SEMRush, Ahrefs,, Google Trends, Moz, and Spyfu to name a few. We also use in house SEO tools such as the multiple page generator that allows content to be deployed more easily.

A big part of being an SEO expert is to know common SEO mistakes inexperienced "SEO specialists" make. With years of experience in web design and SEO, we can guarantee that your website will be in good hands.

On-Page Website Optimization

For the likes of search engines to index, crawl and rank your website effectively, it needs to have authority, correct meta-tags, image optimization, anchor tags, 404-page identification, correct alignment of unique content, social connections and more. Overall, correctly optimizing websites will allow higher ranking, an increase of page views, time-on-site, lower bounce rates, and conversions.

Content Writing

Our content writing provides the best, most compelling content for any website. In addition, our effective content marketing always:

  • Supports and improves websites.
  • Provide quality digital content for any website. Thus, create a purpose and trust.
  • Conveys YOUR message.
  • Attracts more customers with higher conversion rates.

Off-Site SEO Services

Besides concentrating on on-page SEO optimization, off-site SEO services are also needed. This entails analyzing the linkage popularity, and seeing if there is room to increase relevant backlinks. Generally, this involves managing your social presence, your reputation, directory listings, and creating quality external backlinks. Email marketing strategies, Facebook and Twitter are also key platforms used in pushing quality content in establishing solid customer relationships. Other off-site SEO includes Google, Yelp reviews and others.

Tracking SEO Traffic

Setting up Google Analytics or any other analytical software helps identify inbound traffic sources as well as to measure how effective the SEO strategies are. For example, by analyzing the trends of your organic traffic we are able to establish subsequent SEO strategies and adapt accordingly.

Webmaster Tools for SEO

We correctly set up Google and Bing webmaster tools for your website and ensure that your content and web pages are indexed and error-free. The primary purpose of having this set up is to ensure that search engines pick and index the website and web pages, also that the search engine optimization is done correctly and monitored.

Organic and sustainable

There are other organic ways to promote growth on your website that is more sustainable and free. On the other hand, if you are an online business that can offset the cost with the number of increased profits from a first page ranking on a search term like ‘online bike store’ it could be the right decision for your business.

Increase search engine ranking vs. 1st-page ranking

To complicate things even further your position on the first page also severely impacts what kind of effects you see from a first-page ranking. In a study done by AWR, it was determined that the first result on a page saw 27.51% of the traffic from a search on a desktop while the tenth result only saw 1.11%. This means that if one of your keywords received 100,000 searches the difference between first and tenth place would be getting 27,510 visitors in the first place or 1110. This is where the faults of being promised a coveted first-page ranking start to surface. Hence why less emphasis should be put on a first-page ranking and more on increasing search engine optimization and visitors. Doing so results in a specific increase you can calculate and see if you will see a return on your investment.

Business is business

To put it bluntly, if you aren’t a company that already offers quality services and is seeing growth, the gains you will see from enlisting the first-page ranking will not be worth it to you. Most of the services offered you can do on your own and see similar results. At the end of the day, a business is a business and no matter how much your page is visited if you don’t have the complete package your page/business will not see a sustainable increase. Even if you reach the top 10 rankings, if your webpage lacks the ease of use and professionalism that the other candidates do, your page will be skipped out or never to be returned to.

Domain Authority

DA or Domain authority is the definition of how strong your website is. It’s a metric system created by Moz ( measure websites by their rating. For example, if a website that rates 100, would be considered the strongest. As opposed to having a rating of 1, would mean the lowest. Also, domain authority can determine the strengths and weaknesses of a website in comparison to the competition. Although Google doesn’t specifically use this metric system to determine the ranking, increasing your domain authority will increase the quality and strength of your website, which generally leads to better ranking. Like SEO, domain authority has different ranking signals, 40 to be exact. These include: linking root domains (backlinks), MozRank, MozTrust, quality of content, and user interaction that all again, tie back to each other.

Cross-Linking / Backlinks

The basic algorithm behind the ranking system is simple, the more your page is linked to, the more relevant the web crawler assumes it to be. This means the internet’s version of word of mouth through review sites such as google maps and yelp are one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the amount and type of attention you want. Repeat customers that talk about you will push your relevance higher.

Having relevant backlinks is when another website has a link that leads to your website. It’s kind of like when someone shares your story or post on Facebook or Twitter. It’s like being accredited. For every relevant backlink generated Google will identify that the content is relevant and should be pushed higher on searches. Of course, this is one fact of many when it comes to page ranking.

Now, there are also such things as bad backlinks. Good backlinks are ones that are linked to trusted websites with high authority. For example, a government website, or Huffington post (a popular blogging website). On the other hand, bad backlinks are websites that are untrusted or have unrelated information to your website. Bad backlinks will hurt your SEO and make your website drop from its current ranking.

Blackhat vs. White Hat SEO

The problem with this system is that sometimes first-page ranking services delve too deep in the pursuit of reaching their desired position and stoop to unethical tactics. There are two forms of SEO. There are black hat methods and white hate methods. In the world of SEO black hat means unethical and against the rules and white hat are the allowed methods. Most black hat methods consist of spamming your website around the web to simulate relevance. Luckily search engines have caught on this and have implemented ways to catch the spammers. The unfortunate part is that sometimes-unknowing page owners contracting out to front page services sites get caught up in this. Companies have taken a zero-tolerance approach to this and it usually results in the website being permanently banned from the search engine.

Steer away from bad practices

Another problem with these SEO companies is that they will often try to sell you snake oil. Due to most individuals that come to them having no knowledge of how the internet functions, they overuse buzzwords to make it seem like they have a secret trick that will increase your visitor’s triple fold in days. These are the companies you should be wary of. Companies that lay out exactly what they will do, what kind of gains they expect and are willing to explain it all to you are the companies you want to pick. Therefore, when using search engine optimization services, you must use them to your advantage instead of letting them take advantage of you. There are many ways to grow your site and a quality product mixed with exposure will ensure your growth.

Summary of first-page ranking

There are definite benefits to first page rankings. However, for most the drawbacks will overshadow those benefits. With a good understanding of your web page, how search engine algorithms work, and good business practices you can essentially negate the need for any of these services. With the plethora of information available on the internet, it is possible to stay relevant without the use of a great website. The only downside is that there is a learning curve that many will never get over. Finally, reaching that number one spot will take, time and effort. Hence why hiring a professional website developer or web design company with an SEO specialist will be the best option.

Be it a WordPress or PHP website or any other business website such as an attorney, online store, vet or dentist with a private practice. We are certified in SEO and Yoast. We can build fully functional responsive websites as well as take care of your online marketing. Call us at (425)-336-0069

More details on Web Design

Web Design Services

If you’re looking for website designwebsite development, a new website or wanting to revamp to an existing small business website, then you’ve come to the right place. Notably, at Visualwebz LLC we totally understand business owners and the website benefits your business needs. In addition, we understand that being a website owner you will want to see immediate results. Furthermore, we can help your website reach an international, national or local customer base. Besides, we know how to get your customers to you. After all, small business websites and SEO have been our specialty since 2008!

Our website developers specialize in delivering the best websites and nothing more. More significantly, our qualifications and experience allow us to deliver clear and concise solutions. As a matter of fact, we will keep you in the loop during the whole web development process. Immediately after the launch of your website, we will work with you in improving your online presence. For example, our SEO specialists will help drive traffic to your website. With this in mind. Visualwebz LLC is the ideal firm to hire for your next project. In fact, we will also take care of your web security – remember you will need to secure your website from hackers. Similarly, other website design services offered include website maintenance, support, and website testing.

Interested in chatting to us regarding SEO or web design? Or just have questions regarding our expertise or web design costs? Then Contact us today at 425.336.0069. You may also want to check our reviews, and wonder why our customers like us! After all, our 5-star reviews clearly tell prospective customers why we stand out when it comes to service, punctuality, quality, and affordability.



Web Design Services for Small Businesses

At Visualwebz LLC we provide a range of WordPress, web design and web marketing services to a diverse group of small businesses. Be it WordPress website design or E-Commerce Websites for any business, we will deliver it. Hire a website developer from Visualwebz LLC today. We encourage you to also read our reviews and see why our customers are happy with our work and outcomes.


Visualwebz has been providing a range of medical web design for healthcare practices since 2008. Our medical website solutions branch out in all areas of the industry. For example, our effective dental web design services offered by our dental web designers serve Dentists, Dental Clinics, Specialized  Dental Practices, Orthodontists, Dentistry, and Dental Practices. Also, we don’t end there with our website services but continue with other healthcare services like ChiropractorsDoctors, Specialist DoctorsPsychologists, Plastic Surgeries, ChiropractorsPsychiatristsVeterinary practices and other healthcare related practices. Hire the best medical website developer for your dentist or walk-in clinic.





Our website builder and SEO services assist all types of small businesses, Some of which are:
Import Export, Distributors, Warehouses, Warehousing Outlets, B2B, and Franchises.
Mechanics, Car repair, and auto garages.
Contractors, developers, and home construction companies.
Car dealerships and auto repairs centers.
Hairdressers, Hairstylistsspas a, and salons.
All types of small businesses and startups.
Elderly care and Senior living web design services are also available.
Schools such as daycares, home daycare, early learning schools, Montessori, and training centers.
Food industry such as distributors, restaurants. Restaurant Chains, etc.





Small CPA or an established CPAAccountants and Tax services, and Tax Preparation Services. Our services for accounting or finance related are affordable and specific to each business. Other areas in finance include investment firms or investment consultants.
Attorneys and law firms. We provide the best law firm web design and SEO for any legal, attorney or law practice. Our law firm website designs are aimed at law firms that are looking for growth or law firms needing more online visibility.
Financial advisors, financial consultants, and investment firms.

Our services also branch out into the real estate sector and small businesses and start-ups.





Nonprofits such as religious centers and churches.
As part of giving back, we really do help nonprofits. As a matter of fact, we don’t profit from any nonprofit website design or SEO services provided to non-profits. If you have a great cause your working for, then let us help out with your non-profit. In fact, we may even do it for free! Be it in Federal Way, Bellevue or Bellingham we can help you get results. We can also fix a broken website, and get your charitable cause or church back on track.

Government Agencies and political parties.




Online Marketing , SEO services available to small businesses in:

Top Seattle Marketing Agency & SEO Consultant

Following is a list of cities where we are available to help small businesses improve their online marketing presence via effective organic Seattle SEO and web solutions. 

Washington SEO, SEMMarketing Agency available in:

Algona | Auburn | KentBellevue | New CastleBellingham | Factoria, Bellevue |  Federal WayFife | Kent | Renton | KirklandIssaquah | Lakewood |  LynnwoodMercer IslandMarysville | Mill CreekOlympiaRedmond | SeattleTacoma | Kennewick | Gig Harbor | Vancouver

Our SEO packages and Online Marketing solutions are affordable and geared towards small businesses. In particular, businesses in and around Seattle, Bellevue, RedmondSnohomish, Tacoma, Kent, and Factoria Bellevue, WA continue to be our loyal customers. Our SEO company and web design firm do not just make a promise but, rather carry it out to succeed. Whether you are close to home in Seattle, or elsewhere.

Our SEO services and SEO marketers focus on organic SEO for small businesses like restaurants, distributors, professionals, doctors, dentists, and attorneys/call us for a free SEO estimate at (425)-336-0069. 

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services are available in Washington and other states. Locally we assist small businesses in Puyallup,  Gig HarborOlympiaBellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Seattle, Vancouver, Tacoma, and surrounding areas. 

Internet Marketing Services

Our internet marketing services coupled with web design and SEO will get your small business website to the top of your search engine. We focus on local as well as larger markets. All the way from Seattle, Olympia, Maple Valley, Kirkland, Bellevue, Tacoma and states like Washington, California, and ones further out! We provide quality on-page SEO as well as off-page services. For example helping to acquire customer reviews.

Organic SEO is the Perfect Solution

Yes, SEO is the best way to get your website visible online. But, you need to hire an agency that knows what they are doing. We at Visualwebz work within guidelines set by search engines. Thus, getting positive results for our customers. Also, our SEO consultant services are not only local in Renton, Kent, Seattle, Ballard, Bellevue or other areas. In fact, our reach is beyond Washington and the USA!

Online Marketing Services

Our online marketing services are not just limited to Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Tacoma or Bellingham. But we offer services to all businesses nationally and globally. Go ahead and contact one of the top digital marketing agencies near you. You'd only realize that the SEO services that they offer will be extremely costly and outside your budget. In fact, there are many SEO Companies to choose from but we ask you to check our reviews and decide why our customers chose us. 

Visualwebz is not just a top Seattle web design agency but also recognized as a top advertising and marketing firm in Washington state.

10 Years Web of Design

Website Design - Call (425).336.0069

Website Design and Page One Ranking Services

Professional Website Development & First Page Ranking by a local Website Designer

First Page Ranking & SEO services offered nationally

Besides providing SEO and online marketing to local businesses we also provide such services to small businesses in other states. For example, local cities include Federal Way,  Issaquah, Kirkland, Lakewood, WA, Monroe, Olympia, Tacoma and Bellingham, WA.

Other states where we offer First Page Ranking

Whether you are looking for a new website or improving your website ranking. We can help and are always in line with current technological trends. 

Cities where we provide Web Design for small businesses:

A Seattle Web Design Agency that offers custom web solutions

We offer the best website design services, web maintenance and web support to small businesses in Seattle, Washington, and other states. Yes, our website builder services are available to all businesses at affordable and cheap prices. After all, hiring competent and affordable web developers, website designers, WordPress Designers, and web builders will get you the results without breaking your bank! Whether you're looking for a web agency in Seattle or a website developer elsewhere? We can help. Call us at (425)-336-0069.

Every business deserves a professionally designed website

Our freelance website development services will get your business the professional presence needed! Whether it's an e-commerce website or a simple CMS in WordPress. We always deliver what our customers expect! Our professional web designing and online marketing experience have proven to be inexpensive and effective for small businesses and professionals alike.

In fact, our local web design services are not only available locally in Seattle, Washington, but nationally. For example local cities where we offer services in Washington include Auburn, WA | Seattle, WA | Covington | KentKent, WAFederal Way | Tacoma | OlympiaIssaquah | New CastleLakewood | Gig Harbor | Everett | MonroeMill Creek | Milton | PuyallupRedmond | Renton | Tacoma | White Center | Vancouver | BellinghamSeattle.

If you need a new website or just looking for some website support, reach out to us, and let us help.

Custom Web Design Solutions

How can we not mention custom web design solutions? Many of our clients opt for custom websites, due to the fact that the end result will make the business stand out from its competition. In fact, a custom website built by a professional web designer will not only result in a solid branding but allow customers to differentiate and quickly identify your services and products from your competition. Our custom web design services are available to a diverse range of businesses in many areas, such as Seattle, Renton, Bellevue, Tacoma, NY, California and globally.

Hire the best Web Design Services from Washington

With front-end and back-end experience, our customers back us up as the best web design services. In fact, how could you possibly go wrong? In fact, our full-stack web development experience and online marketing will pave the path for your business to succeed. Contact us today at (425)-336-0069. Just a reminder, that our services are available, but not limited to Seattle, Bellevue, WA, Tacoma, Olympia, WA, New York, L.A. and all over!

Web Developers - We're not just a Web Design Agency

Our specialties are not only in web design but also in web development and online marketing. Yes, we are the full-blown agency with a one-stop service. Our web development services are not just limited to the Washington area but all over. From Bellevue, Tacoma and all the way to LA, California, NY, London, Birmingham, UK and Glyn Ebwy, Wales! Our UK web design services assist many businesses in Solihull, Birmingham, West Bromwich, and surrounding areas.

Web Agency with perfect solutions & great reviews

Our small business solutions are the perfect choice for any small to medium size business looking for results. Especially if you're looking to see your small business website grow via effective web design and online marketing. In fact, our Seattle web design company has assisted many businesses in and around the Puget Sound area. But, we did not finish there, we've also helped businesses in SeattleIssaquah, Bellevue, Tacoma, New York, and California. Let our expertise help your business expand and reach new heights!

A Top Web Design Agency with solid Web Development and Online Marketing credentials.


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We have summarized a number of areas small businesses should be aware of when it comes to having an effective online presence.

Digital Marketing Tips and Insights

An SEO expert will always have an understanding of ranking formula and practices. Also, clearly know the type of marketing that best fits any business. For example, to name a few, organic SEO, PPC, and Social Media strategies. Other areas, online marketing include are:

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