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Ready to get started? Following are the steps required when starting a website project:

Now that you have made the deposit payment and ready for us to start on your website project. Our web developers and web designers will need additional information to get the ball rolling.  Following are a list of questions you will need to answer and submit via email, you can also download these documents and submit them as a MS Word attachment by emailing us at

Following are some links to where you could get images from:

  1. Shutter
  2. Adobe Stock Photo’s
  4. *
  5. *

You can also go to and type “Stock Photo’s”. * Terms and use of “royalty fee images” should be read carefully prior to using.

Questions related to your website project…

  • What is the official name of your website (Domain Name)?
  • Do you have a website currently? (please provide a URL)
  • Where will your site be hosted?
  • Is a business logo available? Do you need a new logo?
  • Are there any color preferences?
  • Do you like the way that any particular websites work (Any Reference Website)?
  • Have you thought about the purpose of your website?
  • What services or products will you offer?
  • What will your main links/sections be?
  • Will you need to incorporate drop down menus, what about a responsive layout?
  • Do you have a vision statement or a tagline you want include?
  • What elements do you think you may want on your home page?
  • Are there websites that you think of as “the competition” (i.e. provide similar products/services)?
  • Do you need any special functionality? Such as a e-commerce?
  • Will you need specific landing pages?

Website costs are generally determined by functionalities:

  • Functionalities you may need:
  • Calendar
  • Upcoming Events
  • Featured Property
  • Link List
  • Search
  • Random Testimonial Module
  • Featured Multimedia Module
  • Latest Media Module
  • Linkable Image Modules
  • Blog Excerpt
  • News Excerpt
  • Account Sign-in Module
  • Location Module
  • Online Marketing – i.e. PPC and SEO
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