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Fixing Websites

Fixing business websites can either be simple or challenging depending on the website. Starting a website and building a successful website requires lots of work. The more you put into a website, means the more possibilities of errors or things that need to be fixed.   With all the possible errors that can occur on a website, it can be extremely frustrating trying to figure out the cause of the problem or why a website, might be broken. Be it a simple website or a large e-commerce site, a repair or website maintenance will be needed one time or another.

Fixing Websites

The diagram above represents the main issues website developers will encounter when fixing websites.

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Coding Errors

If a website is broken, or if you run into errors, the first place you’ll likely want to check is the site’s code. Coding errors are basic common causes for many broken websites and often the first thing developers will check when trying to resolve them. This can be a difficult task for people trying to fix other people’s websites as it takes time to read the user’s code and debug them.

Most programming experts can look at the code and find quick fixes. The code could be inefficient or conflicting.  You might also be experiencing code bloating.  These are some problems that can cause your website to not just be broken but run slow.

Slow Websites

Slow loading times are another problem that often requires fixing.  There are many possible reasons why a website could be loading slow.  As previously mentioned, code bloat or insufficient code could be a problem.  There could be server performance issues.  If a server’s performance is poor, it will take longer to respond.  Server location can also affect loading speeds.  If a user on the opposite side of the world clicks your website, the information must travel all the way.

So, what’s the solution to this fix?  Fixing slow speeds can be done in many ways.  By reducing code density there won’t be as much bloating which will help increase the speed.  Optimizing code will help solve slow websites.  Notice that many of the topics listed in the image not only cause website errors but can affect each other.  9 Ways on How to Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed by Jason Simon, says “Blank space means something to the web browser. It may look empty to you or me, but each blank space is a character which must be read and rendered.”  These are a few of the many fixes for slow website speeds.

Error 404 when Fixing Websites

Error 404 is a common problem faced by many users.  An error 404 is when a requested page is not available.  It’s a standardized HTTPS status code.  According to the article Error 404: what the error page means and how to use it on, “The typical trigger for an error 404 message is when website content has been removed or moved to another URL.”  Other reasons why this error could occur include:

  • URL/content either being deleted or moved
  • URL being written, linked or typed incorrectly
  • The website server is either not running or the connection is broken
  • Entered domain name doesn’t exist

Fixing the error “404 Not Found” can usually be done in a few steps and recommended in the following order.  Start by reloading the webpage.  Next, try checking the URL for any typos or missing symbols.  Go back through the directory levels.  Use the website’s search function.  Entering keywords could help find a specific page you’re looking.  Another thing you can do is delete the browser cache and cookies.  Finally, if all else fails, contact the website.  The web creators can carry out a 404 error fix by introducing a domain redirect.

Broken Links

When researching broken websites, broken links popped up in the search engines numerous times.  It’s only appropriate we talk about this problem and how to go about fixing it.  Broken links are closely related to the previously mentioned error 404.  A broken link can cause the 404 pages not found error to occur.  Broken links or dead links are links on a web page no longer working because the website is encountering one of the following:

  • Improper URL
  • The destination website removed the linked web page
  • The destination website may no longer exist
  • There is software or firewall blocking access

Hacked Web sites and why fixing websites can be avoided

Like a computer getting infected with a virus, websites can also get hacked if they’re not properly secured and maintained.  For example, Google recently noted that it had seen a 32% rise in hacked websites. Also, Google outlined the 6 ways that websites get hacked by spammers:

    • Compromised passwords
    • Missing security updates
    • Insecure themes and plugins
    • Social engineering
    • Security policy Leaks
    • Protecting websites from malicious attacks

However, a hacked website is not unfixable. Again, because there are so many ways a website can get hacked. New exploits are always open when new web technologies come on board.

There are numerous articles available online on How to repair a hacked website, phishing, as well as securing websites. For example, begin by scanning your computer/hardware for any potential virus or malware.  It’s a good idea to start here before excluding the possibility that your computer was the origin of the attack.  Next, change your passwords to ensure attackers cannot access your page and database.  Assess the damage, evaluate the situation and plan on how to proceed.  Following this, replace infected files with files from an uninfected backup.  For the best protection of your backups, copy them to a separate local data storage device or cloud storage.  Close known security holes by updating applications, extensions, and plugins.  Every plugin affects the security of your website.  Finally, remove your website from blacklists.

A hacked website can be alarming at first.  Following these steps will help fix the problem and increase future prevention.  Low website security is often another issue which requires fixing.  To prevent hacking, increase the security of your website.

Summary of Fixing Websites

Fixing broken websites can seem like an overwhelming task as there are many more causes to broken sites than what was discussed.  However, with so many ways these things can occur, there are equally many solutions and many sources available.  Finding a professional web developer or freelancer might be the most effective and convenient solution.

These types of services will look at your website and fix pretty much everything, but if you have a specific problem, then there are other external tools to solve those specific problems.  Fixing a broken website can be tricky but not impossible.  Fix your broken website sooner than later. Also, trying to stay ahead of website trends will help you better understand the ins and outs of potential exploits.

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