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Best Websites are based on a number of factors, and on many occasions we come across  websites and  mindlessly ignore the functionality of a web page because we have become accustomed to browsing well put together web pages with ease and delight, but have you ever stopped to wonder what makes a good website?

What Makes A Website fall into the category of Best Websites?

A website is a collection of web pages on the World Wide Web considered as a single entity and linked together. Most websites are usually handled by the company who created the website for a person or a company via web developers that will have the skill sets for the whole website development process. The skills such professionals will include would be HTML, Cascading Style Sheets and PHP (Server Side Scripting) to name a few. Other times it is just by a person who owns it individually and works on it by themselves. Websites are usually directed towards one topic, which is often the general purpose of it but there are always exceptions such as Amazon which sells items as well as online videos streaming services. Every website has a home page, and this is the first page the viewer sees. A home page can make or break a website because at first glance the viewer either likes the website or they do not which is what dictates whether they will continue to browse on the website or not.

Most of us know a good website when we see one but have never actually thought to think what makes a good website. For starters, a great website will always have a good UI Web design (User Interface).

When a website is well put together, according to Skeptoid, when judging to tell if a website is good or bad, the first thing they wrote was Style of Presentation, stating that how a website looks is one of the first ways the someone judges whether a website is good or bad . An example of a great website is: Merci Michel.

According to, the best webpages contain:

  • Simplicity: Keep your site simple and well organized.
  • Fast loading pages: Limit the amount of data you because if it takes too long for a page to load, you’ll lose more than half of your potential visitors.
  • Minimal scroll: Create links from the main page to read more about a particular topic.
  • Consistent layout: Use a consistent layout and repeat certain elements throughout the site.
  • Prominent, logical navigation: Create a navigation with links because your visitors are in a hurry
  • Descriptive link text: Make it easier for visitors to find their way around a site
  • Cross platform/browser compatibility: Different browsers often have different rules and resolutions

Best Websites

Best Websites - Seattle Web Design

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When discussing simplicity in terms of website, they are referring to organization. The best websites maintain order and similar patterns in their texts and images. You cannot have your images in different places away from the text that are about the images because a mess will scare away visitors.

Making sure that your website is not over loaded with data is important because that reflects on your pages load up time. If your home page has a lot of things going on, it will take a longer time to load up and that could irritate a visitor and make them click off. A way to minimize the chances of a visitor clicking off is creating a loading wheel that shows how much has loaded so that the visitor knows how much longer the have to wait (which is often less than 10 seconds).

Creating a landing page (home page) that is short and to the point will be more helpful for your visitor and make their experience on your website much more efficient and easier. Create links off of the main home page so that you do not have to clutter the home page with an unnecessary abundance of information. The best web pages provide all the basic information for the website within the basic aspect ratio for a device.

Page layout is a vital part of a website. How text, graphics, and other elements appear on a page is a very important part of how your page appears. Making sure all your text that is part of a similar section follows the same rules when it comes to centering and that the size and that your graphics have are the correct aspect ratios are some of the basics of page layout.

Having a navigation panel in a visible and easy to use manner on your website will result in high satisfaction for visitors along with saving them time. A navigation panel may sound bland but the best websites known how to jazz up a navigation by doing things such as creating a drop down menu effect or a rolling letters effect.

If you have a link to a page or an image, and it is not clear what it is, having a mini description for it is a helpful way to make your website efficient. It will allow for visitor to navigate the website without confusion or misunderstanding. A great way the mini description can be implemented is through a hover over effect.

Understanding screen resolution will make creating visually appealing websites much more achievable. Due to the fact that every browser and device can have their own screen resolution size, it can be hard to predict how to format but once you figure out the tricks to make it appear evenly over any and all browser your web page will shine. From a desktop computer, laptop, to a mobile phone formats will be different but maintain your layout through all of them will help your reach the most visitors.

Selecting the right color combination is the biggest element in creating an appealing/attractive website. Making sure that your website has a single theme throughout the the pages (unless having different colors is a part of the theme) is a great way to maintain neatness. Color is a great way to add aesthetic appeal but you have to make sure your colors go well together and create a nice pallette. You do not want to have a neon yellow background with neon orange font over it. Color balance is necessary for a good website.

A great website to visit to test different variations of colors is Adobe Kuler. The website allows the user to view a color wheel and choose a color rule between: Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound, and Shades. All of these color rules result in a great color palettes that look professionally chosen. Another website that you can visit if you do not want to choose your own colors is Color-Hex which has hundreds of user made color palletes.

The website that was mentioned earlier: Merci Michel, is a great example of a website that can be consider one of the best websites because it does everything that was stated above. As soon as you open the link to the page you are greeted with the logo of the company that fills in with the color white as the web page loads up to show you your wait time. Having this allows the visitor know that the page is actually going to load. The page then demonstrates a perfect resolution that matches your screen size with an eye catching video playing in the background with no scroll necessary so you immediately know that you do not have to look for links or information. They provide a mini description in the center of the page and a navigation panel in the top right.

This website is a prime example because they understand that simplicity is the way to go but they also keep in mind that they need to entertain the visitor while also making it easy for them to find the links that they need. This is one of the best websites I have seen that achieve everything listed in the criteria in what I believe to be a perfect way.

Poor Websites


Best Websites - Seattle Web Design

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Websites can be found in many formats and creative designs but that does not always mean they are good. It is very easy to create a website that is inefficient or simply does not work. This can either be caused by a failure in the coding of the web pages or it could be because the idea for the website is simply one that has no purpose or consideration for visitors.

Coming across a bad website is not that hard and one examples of this is the official website for the author of The Hunger Games named Suzanne Collins who has sold over 87 million copies worldwide. Her website is bland and uses very little style. Although her website does have some good content, facts for viewers, and is simplistic, the creator has made it a visual bore and this may result in people to not even want to continue to read the actual content of the website. In todays time, when we have many options for how we would like to use our stylesheet or JavaScript, this website has failed to draw in attention, which is needed to make viewers stay on the page.

If we choose not to view aesthetic features and focus on the actual functionality of the webpage, there are many hyperlinks on the pages throughout the website but they all seem to be missed opportunities. The links to the book merely take you to a page with a list of books, there is no purchase option on them. There is also a link for Amazon, and I, and others I assume, would think that clicking this Amazon link would take me to Amazon page with her books, but it turns out to just take me to the Amazon home page. There is also a panel of reviews on the right side of the website that are poorly formatted making them a nuisance to read. This website fails to take a well made design, ease of navigation, quality graphics, and basic formatting into account making this a good example of things you should not do when creating a website.


Security Within Websites

Any kind of information can be found hidden on websites. From credit card numbers to secret passwords it is very important to have some sort of security to protect yourself from intruders. The internet has various ways of releasing data. If you are accessing certain information on the World Wide Web, then you want to be ensured with proper security. The last thing you want is some random person to cash out your credit cards.

In todays time social media is everywhere around you in different ways. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the biggest social media platforms. These applications interact very well with audiences of all ages. Nowadays, many companies integrate social media onto their websites. Fans of any sort have an opportunity to connect with others through social media, and websites target that. Also, social media on a website increases awareness of whatever you want the audience to view or buy. Social media will only continue to evolve, which is a positive thing for companies and websites. There is no doubt in my mind that in these next five to ten years social media will be more associated with websites.

The internet is a large part in a lot of peoples everyday lives whether it be for social media, entertainment, or work. The best websites know how to maintain aesthetic appeal and functionality because in modern times, we want quick results, but we also want the results to appear as though they were created by people that knew what they were doing. The best websites understand that the need for simplicity and efficiency but also understand that they cannot compromise quality. Learn more about HTTP vs HTTPS and why this should be seriously considered when building a website.


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