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Website developer Tools

Website Developer tools are a must for any website developer. Over the last few decades, the world of information has drastically changed. To get some information you would need to look for it in a book or encyclopedia or other text. Today, all the information that we need is online on different websites. Besides information, a lot of retailing, advertisement, social media and other things are also on the web. People spend an enormous amount of time online viewing different websites. Hence why web developers have to put in great efforts to make the websites pleasant to look at and easy to use. For this reason, web developers use many tools to help them in the web developing process. Luckily, there is a vast amount of free tools that are available for any website developer. These website developer tools are very helpful for website developers, although there are disadvantages as well.

Google’s website developer toolsFree website developer Tools

There are many different website developer tools available that can improve performance and efficiency for a website developer. They range within a wide variety of
categories. There are free tools for web design, that help with the design of the website. For example, a free tool available by Google called “Google Web Designer” is a great tool that helps “create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device” (

Microsoft’s website developer tools

There are a number of free tools by Microsoft. The Microsoft Web Platform offers the right tools for the right task. Design, build, debug, and deploy websites with Visual Studio Community 2015, and then test your sites in Windows® Internet Explorer® 10 using the built-in developer tools” (

Free website developer Tools

These are all free tools that are available for website developers simply by searching for them in major search engines. Also, there are many different websites that display such tools. In one article by Gary Marshall that was written in Net Magazine, he has put together a collection of 50 free tools that are out there. He writes: “With web design encompassing all kinds of disciplines from code editing to photo manipulation, building up a set of tools to cover every eventuality can quickly become a very expensive exercise. However, spending huge sums on big-name packages isn’t the only option: it’s possible to pick up everything from image editors to integrated development environments and entire content management systems that won’t cost you a single penny” (Marshall,

Reasons for using website developer tools

Free tools that can be used by web developers are helpful for a few reasons. First of all, the fact that they are free makes them great. Just like Marshall said that there are tools “that won’t cost you a single penny” (Marshall, There are tools that are very expensive for creating websites. For some companies, it’s possible to purchase expensive tools due to their budget. For others, free tools are a huge help. Especially for small businesses that are just starting up their businesses and need some help in creating their company’s websites. Secondly, these tools are just great because of the functions they offer. Instead of spending many hours on a task, a web developer can just use a free tool to speed up the process. For example, instead of trying to create a color and finding a code to use on a website, there are tools that have all the colors and codes needed. Finally, free web development tools are usually created in a way that is very convenient and easy for the user.

Disadvantages of website developer tools

Overall, free web development tools are a great advantage for web developers, although there are some disadvantages as well.The main disadvantages of free online tools for web developing are limited options. It is really difficult to design a website one like or wish to have. Due to limitations on customization, not being able to have so much of an exclusive and unique design, Image optimization and search engine optimization challenges are common across most if not all the free online tools for web developing.


Most free online templates for site design are limited to options for the look and feel of the site. Hence you may not be able to create a site that looks professional or original. Some programs don’t even let you implement Flash, video or other common web-design elements. At times people end up with a website that looks indicial to other sites out there due to limited options of free temples. If you want to make sure no one out there has the same website template as you, then you must purchase the specific temple at a high prize. However, there is high chance that someone already has that template because clients who have downloaded it before you bought it.

Also, it is very challenging to have that exclusive and unique look of your own brand of a company. At times free website template cannot be tweaked beyond a certain point, so can end up with something you may not want or like. If you have a lot of website content and you end up choosing a web template with limited space for text, by adding more text can change how the layout looks when stretched. So by now, one may realize this temple will not work for them but now they are stuck with it. All that time and work will go to waste if stated over but also may not like how the end product looks. In fact, some free website templates might be easy to customize, edit and update, however, some require knowledge of photo-editing and website-building tools and coding.

Online Templates are not Optimized

Also, another key issue is optimizing search engines. Free online website templates are only shells on sites they are not optimized to attract search engines. So remember search engines are more attracted to words than to pictures. Which means you will need to add your website content yourself. Not only that but at times the specific software one is using no longer is available anymore. Then what, they have lost all their advertisement. On top of that, they have to repeat the whole process again of having an up to date web page. Which also slows down the workflow.

In the end, it all comes down to what one is looking for. For someone who is looking for a simple and doesn’t have much to spend or someone just starting off and just want to put their word out there free tools are great and helpful as well as they also work great. However, for mid-size businesses and companies free tools are not the way to go. Since they are more stable and good profit rate. It is totally reasonable to spend on a decent and more consistent web page. We always get what we pay for.

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