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Website Colors Matter

Website Colors should be selected with the purpose of holding on to and attracting customers.

About Website Colors

Website Colors can be a break or make for small businesses. In fact, it’s one area if well researched and thought of will keep your website out of “trouble”. Especially when it comes to keeping visitors on a website. Does your website color selection fit your business, its goals, and your customer base? After all, web design color schemes are not something that a web design agency would randomly pick and why top websites stand their time! In fact, the color schemes selected for any business are based on research and what works best for that industry.

After all, have you ever looked at a website and wondered why a business chose that color? Or have you ever thought why specific colors are selected as opposed to others? Now, what colors would you use for your website? Do you have any website colors in mind?

Common Mistakes of Website Colors

The most common mistakes are not necessarily based on the structure but on the type of website colors chosen for a website. In fact, a cluster of color, or just not having the right color balance can lead to poor conversions and visitors just leaving the website. Such implications result in poor traffic as well as higher bounce rates  From making that mindful decision of either keeping distracting colors or even know what distracting colors even mean.

Yes, there is a web design science to website color selection. Learning what colors to keep for a website should be considered carefully prior to jumping on board with web development.  After all, the result from great website colors or bad website colors will ensure whether your website pulls in customers or creates a distraction and loss of potential conversions.

The main goal of any effective web design is based on structure, unique content, graphics, images, and the right color schemes.

Web Design Color Scheme difficulties

Regardless of the web design history color overall has been a key factor since color print and marketing started. Though, web design color schemes may be difficult to choose due to so many color schemes available. They should still be utilized. For example, websites like have great website color choices. In fact, the simplicity of the website colors allows the branding to flourish as well as the website to stand out.

There are so many businesses out there that choose either too dark of colors or too light of colors and such website color selection can result in a make or break situation. Website color scheming can impact your audience as well as the business as a whole. In fact, it is the first thing people see when entering your web page besides the content. So with no more to say, make sure that website colors are selected with a detailed understanding of the audience and the business goals as a whole!

Mood Ring Color Chart is a primary start when selecting website colors











Importance of color schemes for web designers and their audience?

When you look at a website such as what do you think or feel? Modern? Simple? Clean? Easy? Well, whatever you may have thought, they are all correct. The website color scheme can determine what kind of environment you are trying to portray to your consumers. As well as the products you are trying to sell. In fact, you may know this or not but there is a scientific reason as to why colors play an important role for web designers.

Essential tips on picking a website color scheme are thought provoked based on the target audience and the business itself. Though, there are be a lot of factors that determine a functional and appealing website, having the right color will be so beneficial and make a huge difference to your business. Generally speaking, colors affect human behavior.

The reason behind any website color

We all know that images and photos can touch us all in a different way. In fact, the colors incorporated in the images or the photo’s are part of the emotional instigators.  Hence website colors can make us feel happy, sad, mad, scared, and a combination of emotions. For example, colors that we see every day make us feel some way or another. This type of behavior is known as color psychology, which is the science of how color affects human behavior. Color psychology is derived from the wide field of behavioral psychology. For example, Blue represents trustworthiness, loyalty, and sincerity, and is most often a business favorite due to these attributes.

Just about every color in the color wheel will portray some type of meaning to the consumer giving the audience a chance to pre-judge what the website will provide for them. This is one reason why website designers are smart about color choices and select them based not only on the web technology they know but also on the science of color selection. Whether its color and animation or photo that needs to be incorporated on a website, they are selected with care and understanding.

website colorswebsite colorsGood Examples of Color Choices

A good example of using stimulating color schemes creates a sense and raises blood pressure, and it may arouse feelings of power, energy, passion, love, aggression, or even danger! For example, the likes of many successful companies like McDonald’s, YouTube, Netflix, CNN, Exxon have nailed it when it comes to their logo and website color choice. Another example of color is purple, which is generally considered a low-arousal color. It may stimulate feelings of spirituality, mystery, or royalty. Take for example Crown Royal, Hallmark, and Wonka.


90 Seconds to form an opinion

In the article “How to Use the Psychology of Color to Increase Website Conversions“ Satyendra Singh determined that it takes a mere 90 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about a product. Also, 62-90% of that interaction is determined by the color of the product alone!

Although we cannot satisfy every single need of a client, businesses, and graphic designers nowadays utilize a variety of colors based on the business goals and luring in the audience. In fact, colors that are incorporated into a web site design should be welcoming and pleasant. After all, it’s about retaining the customer and ensuring that brand awareness has been identified.

Website Colors should be picked based on demographics

Studies have revealed that females may be more inclined to earthy tones, and a preference for primary colors and subtle tints. Hence colors for a logo or a website should be selected with the customer demographics, gender as well as age in mind. The audience’s attention to color is a big key to attract and increase in traffic to a website. Therefore focusing a website around key colors, specifically directed to women such as earthy tones and primary color tint, will then attract more women to visit. Overall the conscious of the color choices made by graphic designers, web designers, businesses, and entrepreneurs are vital in the overall success and brand penetration.

How to Use Website Colors

The basic elements of creating a website can be easily be forgotten, such as color, yet it can play a significant role in your website’s success. Although the classic black and white can be very chic and classy, it can also be very bland and boring. Adding a pop of color into the mix can be a smart yet difficult task when you do not know where to begin.  In fact, choosing just one color for websites is a design step that requires careful consideration.

Can you imagine a full-color scheme? “Before settling on a full-color scheme, it helps to have something foundational in place. This means picking a primary color for your site – the shade that will be used most predominantly.” as quoted in the article, Color Schemes for Websites: How to Choose One for Your WordPress Site.

By choosing a primary color, not only will choosing a color scheme for your website to be much easier, but this will also create brand recognition that associates colors with your brand. This will also help narrow down a particular audience you are trying to reach, whether it may be a younger audience, men or women, kids, etc. Although a few websites can easily get away with using a single color for their design, such as using black as their main color. Using at least a couple of other complimenting shades will also help to make a website aesthetically pleasing.

Adobe Tool for color selection

Using tools such as Adobe color wheel tool will make life easier when figuring out a color but also a distinct shade that will separate your brand from the rest. This website will help adjust your color palette to your needs, starting off with a primary color and offering four more corresponding shades the compliment them. This tool from Adobe is very useful and free of charge, but rest assure that whatever color you finalize on, you can be sure enough that they will complement one another. For example, with your primary color in place, you can use complementary shades for other elements, such as menus, lower-level headings, and so on.

This goes to show you that having the luxury of multiple colors in your arsenal allows you to be more creative with color selection and color placement. Whether your complementary colors go towards a heading or links to a menu, this will trigger some type of behavior that the client will remember and continue to return.

Why Website Colors Matter

It’s not just about the main color you choose, but also how it will coexist with other elements of the website. In fact, the color of your website can be a key decision on your client if he or she will purchase or even view your website based on your aesthetic and color choices. Not only does color have to be incorporated in your text, logos, links, but almost every part of your business. In fact, it will be a standard for your digital marketing.

Overall website color selection schemes will definitely impact your website as well as the business. In fact, research has shown that 85% of shoppers admit color can be a key swing as to why they made a purchase. Not to mention that color increases brand recognition by 80%! This just goes to show that not only does color has a psychological effect on people and their emotions to purchase or view a website.


Color can be the reason to buy

Effective Web Design via Color and Animation

Color and Animation play a key role in many creative fields. The direction is one of the biggest requirements and most basic necessity for any successful animator to create an animation that runs smoothly. Without the direction of how the animation will look or what kind of colors will be shown in each scene, the whole project would lack any form of feeling.

In fact, best practices in animation and color have a science behind them. Whether its a website, 2D or 3D project both, animation and color are important in the industry because both are able to increase the emotional impact of a scene, colors can be used as values of identification, and animation can give creative freedom to the creator thus opening new mediums of art.

The Evil Within Color & Animation

Colors and animation are very easy ways to increase and enhance certain tones for a scene without any sort of dialogue or context. The color scheme of a particular scene can definitely set the narrative further just by using the right color in the right moment. There are several types of colors, hues, and shades that can enhance a scene’s emotional impact; just like music in movies, the color gives emotion.

For example, in “The Evil Within” video game the colors are drained from having bright hues thus creating a horror effect. It also uses darker shades of neutral colors in it’s gameplay to have a feel of looming darkness. From a first glance of the gameplay, it would be instantly classified as a game of the horror genre all because of the color schemes it uses.

Princess Mononoke Color Palettes

Another example of color set the tone in a film can be found in Hayao Miyazaki’s highly-acclaimed animation, “Princess Mononoke”. In his film, he demonstrates wonderful displays of emotion through his color palettes. An example of this is when Hayao creates a still portrait of one of the characters, with a fiery background. This communicates raw emotion and also sets the feel of danger and passion within the movie. The color of red is often used as a color of love and compassion, but can also be seen as anger, hate, and danger. Color gives more excitement and affects our emotions thus being a great way to tell a story.

Black & White

Think of your favorite childhood cartoon and try to imagine it in black and white, it’s almost as watching a movie with no sound, dull and boring. Adding color adds flavor and lets your imagination take over.

An excellent example of how to poorly use color can be found in the classic game of, “Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest”. The color palette of Simon’s Quest is a mess. Konami tried something different than the first game and tried to give a sense of looming fear. Simon’s Quest used a lot of darker and muddy colors in its world to achieve that but ultimately failed at doing so. The towns were all one flat, uninteresting color. Simon’s character had a black tunic with a red outline, which had no successful compliment throughout the game whatsoever, and most importantly when the game did try to compliment Simon’s colors, it stayed safe in the muddy green, never exploring with bright colors.

All in all the color choices for Castlevania 2 were a disaster and the entire game lacked any spectrum of emotion. It was dull, boring, and uninteresting to look at.

Color and Animation Bring out the Emotions

Colors and animations enable an increase in the emotional impact of a scene. In fact, colors are able to be used as a way to identify a certain person to a specific role or group. The most common example of this can be seen through the clone troopers in “Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith”.

The most commonly known clone troopers in the film would be the 501st troopers which bear the white standard armor, however, they have blue accents which make them more unique. While the Kashyyyk troopers wear a camouflage green to blend in with the environment, which stands as an excellent way to use color as a way to represent a role or class within a group; or better yet – an army.

Friend or Foe Colors

Another example of where color is used to identify different roles can be seen through the classic game of the 1980’s, “Pac-Man”. In the video game, where the object was to eat dots to win, there are four different colored “ghosts” that try to kill the player, taking on the colors of cyan, pink, orange, and red. They all have very distinct movements linking to their color making them all unique. It has been explained through an interview with the creator of the game, Toru Iwatani, about what the movements of the enemies are.

The red enemy continuously tries to chase Pac-Man down, the cyan and pink enemies try to position themselves in front of Pac-Man’s mouth, while the orange enemy chases Pac-Man as well, but moves to the bottom left corner of the screen when getting too close to him. In the game there are also items called power pellets, which make the ghosts turn into a darker blue color and most importantly of all, it makes them killable. All of these colors whether in movies or video games, are there to help us identify the different characters on screen. Through knowing certain color patterns and palettes, we are able to know who is a friend and who is an enemy.

Color and Animation from 1893 Onwards

From the old phenakistoscope of 1893 to the upcoming line of Disney films, animation has always allowed creativity to flourish and take on new heights. Throughout the years, animation has evolved thanks to the creative minds that brought this world unforgettable characters and amazing stories that we all love. It is considered that the first hand-drawn color animation feature film was Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, which was released in 1937. However, Walt Disney’s decision to make a color animated feature caused a fuss; Walt was told that “audiences, especially adults, wouldn’t sit through a feature-length cartoon fantasy about dwarfs.”

Regardless he took a risk and released the film, later on, the release of “Snow White” began the period known as “The Golden Age of Animation”. Animation has become a bigger part of our life.

A lot of time and work has been dedicated to making these characters as detailed as possible. For the creation of Merida from the 2012 computer-animated film called “Brave”, a whole separate program was created just for her hair. Merida has long, curly, fire red locks, and to make the hair look as realistic as possible, a hair computer program called Taz was created. Animation has also played a humungous role in the video game industry. We evolved from square and 8-bit characters like “Pac-Man” into much more rich and realistic characters such as Joel from the “Last Of Us”.

The changes in animation can be clearly seen through the years and it has been very innovative from the beginning. Video game animation is very different from animations seen in movies. In movies the animation has to look good from one perspective; the audience’s perspective. Meanwhile, the animations in video games must look appealing from all angles. With this change in how we create these animations, the games themselves are infused with life.

With new animations, the characters are able to feel the virtual world around them and interact with everything. For example in “Dishonored 2” the player is able to take the role of Emily Kaldwin, an empress whose empire was just stolen from her. The player is stuck in the character’s quarters and then the player can interact with many different items.

For example, when Emily interacts with a clock she mentions how she used to hide items in it to mess with the cleaning staff. Then when Emily spins a globe around she mentions the different places she has traveled to. These animations and interactivity with the player and the environment help the game feel more alive. The evolution of animation in both the film world and the video game world gives creators so much more space to exercise their creative minds. They are able to create much more elaborate and beautiful stories.

Animation and Colors are the foundation to enticing the viewer

All in all, color and creating animation have undergone major changes since animators first appeared. Starting at dull-colored, choppy animations we made it to bright and smooth feature films full of emotion and life. Color is being used to set the mood of the animation, whether it’s darker colors to make you feel sad, or scared or brighter colors to make you feel happy.

In the video games color helps you distinguish between enemies and your allies, and makes your surroundings look more real. The animations in games have advanced to a point where the characters seem alive. Even by just standing still they add more depth to their own character. Whether that be through scratching their own heads or stretching their backs. They are able to interact with the world around them and adjust themselves to any situation given.

With modern-day technology, animation of video games and films and web design color will become more advanced. In fact, some of the worst websites have had the worst colors on them! Whether its a complex animation or a simple KISS web design, we just have to sit back and wait until a new record-breaking animation and color sets foot.

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Website Colors Matter

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