Website Services

Website Services.

Our website solutions range from web design, website redesign and digital marketing such as social media. As there are so many website choices available, we suggest an individual consultation. You can get an estimated cost by using our online website cost estimator

Custom Website Solutions

Custom Website Solutions

PHP – MySQL – e-Commerce – Content Management Systems

Website Services

Website services we offer range from a simple WordPress website to a complex e-Commerce fully integrated system. We provide customization in terms of user interface and back end functionalities. The benefit of such content management systems such as WordPress is that you will be able to do your own updates. Following are some areas we specialize in:

  • Content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal).
  • Shopping carts and e-commerce solutions.
  • Custom database driven websites.
  • There are additional articles on our blog.

View some examples of custom websites.

Graphic Design

Color,photographs and graphics will always bring life to your website.  Be it a banner change or a complete website redesign. A summary of our graphic services are:

  • Business card design.
  • Poster design.
  • Promotional graphics.
  • Business presentations.
  • Photo touch ups.
  • Animation

Following are examples of a brochure  designs:

Brochure and Graphic Design

Inside of brochure

Brochure and Graphic Design

Outside of brochure

Budget Designs

We can launch a basic website in 48 hours! This package includes a basic web design, with up to 10 external links, email setup, and five web pages (this could be strictly a html website). This can be an ideal solution for any starter or small businesses seeking a low budget website. Budget website packages can also be bundled with our search engine optimization and social media packages. Hosting and domain purchase will incur an additional charge.But, you may purchase your own domain and hosting, or let us handle the whole process. To get started you may want to gather some content which we will ask for once the project has started.

Contact us for additional details and we will be more than glad to provide you options that fit your business and budget.

Click here for examples of some budget websites.

Website Maintenance

Websites do need to be maintained. Many customers have experienced websites that have been lost, or have gone down due to them being compromised. We offer monthly website maintenance which includes basic updates through to ensuring your site is locked down and secure. Security and backup is a primary concern among small businesses. We will ensure that it is correctly locked down from intruders, and backed up.

The benefits of having us take care of your website maintenance are:

  • No technical skills required for major updates.
  • Free’s up your time, so that you can spend more time running your business.
  • Quick turnaround with updates usually done within 48 hours.
  • Your site is locked down, and secure from hackers.

Contact us if you have a website that needs to be updated or maintained immediately, and we will start the update(s) today.

Boost Sales and Traffic.

Responsive website designs.

Is your website responsive? Not having a responsive website will mean a loss of customers and one of many requirements Google looks for.. The number of potential customers using phones has sky rocketed over the years, and will continue to grow. This is one reason why all our websites built are geared towards multiple devices.

Solutions that are carefully crafted for businesses.

The challenge of every website design is not building or delivering the end product, but understanding what features and functionalities will be needed to boost sales as well as customer service. We believe we have master the science behind web design.

Analysis and effective marketing.

We consistently monitor and analyze website traffic. Targeting the correct keywords through analysis will provide your website the added benefit of more traffic.

Website Services

Custom Website Solutions

Some custom website solutions are:

  • App integration.
  • External system integration.
  • Cross communication between websites.
  • Warehouse system integration.
  • Subscription system integration.
  • Membership systems.
  • Front end and user interface customization.

Website Services

A content management system may not always be the perfect solution. For example, you may be looking to integrate other systems with your website, or an external database system. You may even have a mobile app that may need to interact with a database? There are so many possibilities where a custom solution would be the ideal option. Customization varies based on the front end and back end requirements. We provide full stack website solutions in a range of web based technologies. Visualwebz specializes in numerous industries. Our prospective client base is healthcare, construction, industrial, and professionals.

Digital Marketing

Website Services

We optimize websites which are easy to navigate by customers and are indexed correctly by search engines. Be aware that organic search engine optimization takes time. There are many options available in terms of improving ranking. We will work with you and provide a comprehensive plan to improve your website page ranking. A combination of optimizing a website and paid clicks could be one option to achieve high visibility. Other options would be highly successful social media campaigns. Handling all the social media aspects can be daunting and time consuming. We will work alongside you and help manage and integrate a marketing plan into your business.

A break down of digital marketing services include:

  • Ad Campaign that focuses around Paid Per Click.
  • Website analysis and improved organic ranking.
  • Quality link building.
  • Monthly analytic reporting.
  • Website Optimization and keyword ratio improvement.
  • Manual Search Engine Directory Submission.
  • Sitemap submissions and regular updates.
  • Keyword Research based on title and meta Tags.
  • Copy writing and website Integration.
  • Site Architecture and optimization.
  • Performance Measuring and return on investment.
  • Narrowing Down and Keyword Integration.
  • Quality content writing and blogging.
  • Article submission.

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