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What is WP?

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What's WordPressWhat’s WordPress?

What’s WordPress, your wondering? If you use the internet frequently, the chances are that you have visited a WordPress website. It’s estimated that over 400 million website sites are currently using this platform. But for all of the attention that it gets…what exactly is WordPress? Who created it? When was it made? Why should you use it? This article will cover more about what WordPress is and the advantages and disadvantages of web development for small businesses.


WordPress is Free

A free content management system for people to create websites.  For those unaware, a content management system, or a CMS for short, is a program that allows its users to generate, manage, and store content.  With WordPress, you aren’t required to know HTML beforehand, so you can create these complex designs with your site that would’ve taken months to set up otherwise if you lacked experience with web creation.

What's WordPress

What’s WordPress – Dashboard – screenshot

 All the information you need to design a website is featured in an easy-to-understand, easily accessible format.  You can create posts, look at comments, and decide the appearance of your website.  Without a program like this, all of these things can be very complicated to set up or at least extremely tedious if you’re planning on creating a site alone.

WordPress Themes

In advance, you can pick the theme that you want the website to be.  You can choose the theme based on your site’s focus, whether that’s education, business, health, or a variety of other things.  There are three tiers of payment for WordPress that you can choose.  If you choose the free plan, you get 150 megabytes of space for the site.  If you choose the premium plan at $8.25 a month, you get 13 gigabytes (or 13,000 megabytes) of space as well as your site address, custom design, and Video press, a fast, easy-to-use video player that allows you to put videos on your site.  Finally, there’s the business plan for $24.92 a month. This plan provides for all of the things in the premium plan and unlimited space, premium-only web themes, and Google analytics to track and report the traffic to your site.

Domain Name

There is also an additional fee if you want your website to have its domain.  For example, for you to have, it’s free.  But, if you want or, it can cost $18.00 a year.  If you already have a domain that you’ve purchased that you wish to link to your WordPress site, it costs $13 a year.

This may seem fine and good to you if you want WordPress to be simple, but what if you don’t want a theme and want to use WordPress to create something unique?  Luckily, you still have that option.  With WordPress (different from WordPress, which I’ve been describing), users have much more of an uphill climb but ultimately a lot more freedom.  With this program, you have to install the site onto your computer, update the design regularly, be responsible for keeping your website safe from spam, and constantly fix every problem by yourself when it arises.  This may seem challenging, but it rewards deeply if you’re looking for an independent website.  On, you can put whatever ads you want, you can put on whatever theme you want, there is an unlimited amount of storage space, and the site can’t be turned off if someone thinks your content goes against the terms of service.  Depending on whatever site you want, you have some options.

What’s WordPress & Who Created WordPress?

Though WordPress technically came to fruition on May 27th, 2003, the program was around before this. In early 2001, Michel Valdrighi created a blogging platform called B2/Cafelog; it was a more primitive program that was mildly successful for its time.  When Valdrighi had to step down from the project for personal matters, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little stepped in to lead the team.  In May 2003, they presented the first version of WordPress (WordPress 0.71) to the world.  Their improvements to B2/Cafelog included the ability to disable comments and mark the status of a post (whether or not the post was ready to put on the site). You could state that the blogging aspects of WordPress launched social media society.

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little

As they updated the program, WordPress development became more and more complex.  In 2004, WordPress 1.0 allowed people to use permalinks to make the sites easier to look for on search engines. WordPress 2.0 contained better editing and faster image uploading. WordPress 3.0 allowed for more themes, better accessibility on mobile devices, and Twitter integration, among other things.  Right now, we’re on WordPress 4.5, which was released on April 12th, 2016.  This WordPress update has more formatting shortcuts and inline linking, which allows you to link objects from other websites.  As a fun side note, every update to WordPress has been named after a famous jazz musician. WordPress 1.0 was called Davis after Miles Davis, and WordPress 4.5 was called Coleman after Ornette Coleman.

Other Important Elements of WordPress

The other fascinating, essential element of WordPress is that it is an open-source community; it isn’t owned or controlled by a single organization.  WordPress is the work of tens of thousands of people worldwide collaborating to bring improvements to this program.  If you get involved with WordPress, it can be straightforward to be work with the community.  So while WordPress may have started as this small thing that was only serving a limited number of people, it advanced into a massive program with lots of workers serving endless users.

Another complaint by novice designers on WordPress has surrounded the challenge of creating a unique theme for your website.  If you want a website design that is different from the themes you can choose from, you are out of luck, or if you aren’t working with a website designer/website developer.


Security can also be an issue. While WordPress does somewhat have a security system, it wasn’t the strongest in 2014, where a malware campaign affected the website of over 100,000 users. In stating this, there are many website choices available regarding locking down and securing WordPress platforms.  Plugins and keeping the website up to date are measures that can help protect websites from malicious attacks. The best approach to securing a WordPress site would be to hire a web developer or someone with a strong foundation in website security and the website development process.visualwebz-visualwebzcom-seattlewebsitedeveloperCom-popular-CMS-2017

WordPress Plugin Complaints

Like any CMS (Content Management System), WordPress has also received complaints. For example, having too many or incompatible plugins can result in WordPress problems. The best thing you can do is mix and match different plugins and hope for the best, but we at Visualwebz know precisely which plugins are reliable and keep website problems at bay!. Our WordPress web design process ensures that only functional plugins are installed and websites maintained with little or no issues.

But beyond these understandable complaints, WordPress is one of the most widely praised programs on the web. Many people who criticize WordPress are quick to mention that they still love it despite the criticisms they have for it. It’s big amongst website developers because it has flexibility for both the users and the developers. For example, plugins that have made life easy with regards to SEO and email marketing. Also, as Seattle WordPress developers and marketers, we help improve website content, drive traffic, monitor visitors and web page rankings.

Lots of Themes are available.

If you want a website to present your recipes, but you don’t know anything about web design, WordPress has themes that make it easy for you to build a site.  Suppose you’re an expert web designer who wants to create a more detailed style for their site or are the head of a more significant business and need a more elaborate website. In that case, there are options for you to create a more independent, experimental site.  You can choose to create a free website or pay more and make a more extensive website.  And if you genuinely want to, you can even become a part of the WordPress community, and you can collaborate to make the program stronger.

WordPress is exceptionally diverse, and it’s built to satisfy a broad group of people and businesses that range in preference and experience, from small business websites to more giant corporations such as They constantly update to reach the demands of all of these people.

Finally, What’s WordPress in a few words – A platform that many businesses are adopting!  Its consistent reinvention has allowed it to remain relevant for close for so many years!


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