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Website Owners should be familiar and have exposure to various tools and technologies, this article focuses on website owners skills needed that will help maintain and continue to grow their website. The days of newspaper ads, billboards, and any other form of physical marketing techniques are long gone. Today, it is all about having an attractive and efficient website that will capture the attention of the internet’s hundreds of millions of users. The design of websites such as Amazon, are taken for granted and not really observed for just how magnificent they are. Originality, simplicity, color schemes, pictures, link placement, product placement, and user friendliness are all aspects of a great website. With so many websites out there competing against each other, it is essential that the website owner is knowledgeable of these when building and managing a website. A website can make or break a business in today’s world. Therefore, every website owner needs to have a background in coding, skilled in the use of web design tools, and be familiar with search engine optimization.



HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. As the name implies, it is a markup language used by browsers to interpret and visualize content on a webpage. HTML is used by millions of developers all over the world to create webpages, but thanks to free website builders you no longer need to have an expansive knowledge on HTML to develop a beautiful webpage. Nonetheless, a basic grasp of HTML is a skill that every website owner should have. Hiring a developer is a great way to create a website but sometimes it simply inefficient to contact the developer to make a small change that would take you no time at all to change in the html document its self. In addition to this, it is often hard to convey to the developer you hired exactly what you are looking for in your website. Having a bit of HTML knowledge allows you to fix typos or make tweaks more efficiently, and completely for free. With more HTML knowledge comes a greater ability to edit the content and the layout of your website. A working knowledge of HTML also allows you to develop out of the box solutions that free website builders might not. Additionally, it opens the door to implementing interesting aspects from other websites in your own. By viewing the source code of websites that are interesting, you can learn to implement similar aspects in your own website. All in all, a basic knowledge of HTML gives you more autonomy and freedom in creating, managing and editing your website, making basic HTML a skill that every website owner should have.


CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is an important skill that every website owner should have. It saves you money, allows you to redesign your website more quickly and build more diverse websites. Of course there are many developers who could create and style your website, but hiring a developer costs money. With knowledge of CSS paired with HTML you can skip these costs, in turn saving you lots of money. Another thing that could cost a substantial sum of money is a website redesign. Rather than paying a developer for a website redesign, a website owner can change the look of their website without changing the content using just CSS. The look of a good website is controlled by one or more stylesheets. These style sheets control the font, color, position and other aspects of the content on the webpage. CSS makes redesigning the look of a website easy. The entire website can get a new look just by changing aspects on the stylesheet. Knowing CSS also opens the door to more creative and unique designs. You can develop your own designs and go beyond the plain or common templates provided in free webpage builders. CSS gives you the opportunity to create webpages that look different from page to page. Each page can be tweaked just by changing the CSS document. With CSS the website owner can create a standard style for a whole website, a web page, or just one tag within the code. Having an original website which strays from the typical layout of website builders also makes your webpage more attractive. CSS makes it easy and efficient to make diverse and unique webpages not included with free website builders. Overall, knowing CSS can cut developer costs, make website redesigns efficient, easy and cheap, and open the door to more creative and unique webpages.


Another important skill a website owner should have would be how to use photo editing software. While having a basic knowledge of paint is good, knowing how to use programs administered through Adobe such as Photoshop or Lightroom work better. Microsoft Paint can be sloppy and primitive and does not provide the vast tools that are given as options in other photo editing programs. Images are everywhere online. Images can be used as a link to another webpage, provide visual stimulant to make your page more attractive, or to help promote products or services. In addition to using photos within your website, Photoshop can be used to help create mock ups. When dealing with indecisive customers instead of coding an entire website and having to change everything you can create a design through Photoshop and tweak it to their liking. Photoshop gives website developers the tools needed to resize, change color, and lighting, and even create their own images. This is important since there are so many problems that can occur with images that are too large or appear to be pixilated. For example, having blurry and dark photos when you’re trying to sell a product can be a big marketing no-no and is easily avoided by editing said images. In addition to editing photos, Photoshop provides the tools necessary to map images when using one as a link. When using an image as a link the x-y coordinates are needed to define the clickable areas. This can also be done through paint, however it takes a long time compared to Photoshop and mistakes are easily made. Most developers with defend the use and importance of Photoshop over paint because of its many benefits despite the cost for use.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Knowing how to get your website seen by users for free can be beneficial for companies and individuals running their own websites. Instead of paying for advertisement, website owners can utilize the benefits that come with search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization is defined as using the organic (unpaid) traffic from search results on search engine websites such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  Search engines use a certain algorithm to pull up links to websites that are related to the users search. Ways to use search engine optimization to your advantage would be to keep your websites frequently updated and to use key words and descriptions within your webpages meta code. To do this you’ll want to use a meta tag within your coding that contains keywords and a brief description that is relevant to your website.  The description within the meta tag is what shows up next to your link after performing a search. It’s important to make sure that information is accurate since users will use that information to decide if that website is the one they are looking for. Good search engine optimization can take your website from the 9th page in a search to the first page. Even though using paid advertising through search engines will make your website the first one to be seen, it is not always the only website that is chosen for viewing.  In the end it would be more cost efficient to write a strong description and include powerful key words to get the most out of search engine optimization.

Without these tools, a website will not capture the attention of users and lead to failure. Being knowledgeable of search engine optimization will mean your website will get appear higher in searches and reduce the necessary spending for advertising. Having an understanding of web design tools such as Photoshop will greatly improve the appeal of your website and will capture users interest for longer. Being fluent in CSS and HTML means you can change the style and appearance of the website, and add new features to the website to adapt to a growing business. All of these traits work hand in hand in comprising a great website. Even if the owner is a webmaster, running a website can still take a lot of time, money, and cause a lot of stress. This is why it is so important a website owner has these skills.

These are just a few of the basic tools and technologies website owners should be familiar with, but that does not mean to say you should stop there. As website owner’s you should continue to branch out and expand your knowledge in this every changing field  and websites owners you will have the understanding to understand what really happens behind the scenes during design and development. More importantly be able to relay the correct requirements to your web designer and web developer, and ensure that the final results are to your requirements.


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