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User Experience Web Design

Why is having a good user experience important when it comes to designing a website? Well for starters, it is the deciding factor of whether a user will stay on your website or not. In fact, it’s important to design a website that has a simple UI to enhance the user experience and attract customers.


When it comes to design a website, two terms come into play; UX and UI. UX is known as user experience and UI is known as the user interface. The UI is crucial to the UX because, without the UI, the UX wouldn’t be great.

User Interface

Simply put, the UI is the aesthetical design to a website. It is the way a user interacts with your webpage. UI, also known as the user interface, has come along way. In the 1970s, the graphical interfaces used today didn’t exist. A user would have to input lines of code in order to complete an easy and simple task.


This all changed in 1980 though, when the first GUI (Graphic User Interface) was invented by computer scientists at Xerox PARC. This breakthrough innovation now allowed users to interact with their computers through buttons, menus, and icons. This alteration in technology ultimately meant that a user could use his/her computer without the need for coding.

In 1984, the first successful home computer to use a GUI was released by Apple. Called the Macintosh, the computer featured a point and click mouse which allowed the user to interact with the computer. Fast forward to our time now, we see many different interfaces everywhere. Ranging from our mobile phones to our desktop computers.

User Experience

UI Web DesignUX, which is short for user experience, is what the user experiences while interacting through the UI. Don Norman, a cognitive scientist, coined the term ‘user experience’. He defined it as “‘User experience’ encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” (Norman).

To better understand what causes a good experience to happen, Peter Moreville, a designer and information architect, created a visual representation of what makes a user experience design.

UI Web Design (User Interface) no doubt ensures that visitors can effectively browse a website with virtually no issues thus creating a seamless user experience. A well laid out website development process will no doubt provide the correct front end as well as website functionality. Thus resulting in a better seamless experience and categorizing your website under “best websites“. Common sense dictates that ease of use is what enables products to have a wider appeal to a large audience. On the one hand, some argue that the functionality of a product should dictate its design. Hence, from this perspective, a product’s main focus is to get the maximum output out of its input.

Seven aspects of UX


The company’s product needs to be a product that is useful to someone in need. The more useful it is, in a real-world sense, the better the UX will be. If the product is useful, more people will want to use it. If the product isn’t useful to anyone, people will definitely find another product that fits their need and is more useful.


Your site must deliver a substantial amount of value to the consumer. Valuable is in the center of it all. Your website’s design determines if you truly value your website. It’s important to have value in your website as it will greatly increase the credibility of your company.


Similar to Findable, you must make sure your website is accessible from all devices, big or small. Mobile compatibility is crucial in driving more traffic towards your webpage as more than 2 billion people own a smartphone around the world.


Establishing your company’s credibility is an important factor to user base of your website. People today, often choose to follow an organization that has reliability and trustworthiness. Design plays a huge factor in establishing the credibility of one’s website, as users tend to trust websites that are more visually appealing.


This simply means that the UI has to be one that is desired by a user to be used over any other UI. The user will most likely go find another website if he/she cannot gain desire from the UI.


An easy to use product is important to attracting consumers as well as the usefulness of the product. If the product is too complicated or difficult to use, the like hood of the consumer leaving your website increases. Remember, the easier your product is to engage with, the better the experience is for a user.


Creating a simple and easy navigable website is important to enhancing the user experience as well. Making sure a user can find what they need in just a few clicks will greatly increase the probability of that user returning and just overall traffic towards your website.

By looking at the field of web development, specifically in the field of UI design, it is possible to see what are the trade-offs that a web developer faces when they try to balance design with functionality.

UI Web Design & UX

Although the terms UI/UX designer are often used together. In fact, U.I stands for is the user interface and U.X stands for user experience. The reason they are often used together is that the user interface often contributes to how the consumer uses the website and contributes to their experience on the website. According to the question and answer site Quora, Digital Marketing Specialist Mridul Kumar acknowledges that user experience design is “the process of increasing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty by focusing on the ease and pleasure in the interaction between the product and the customer.” Whereas U.I design “refers to the look, feel and interactivity of a product with the user.” This is a broad definition; an example would be the menu bar on a web browser.

UI Design - Seattle Web Design

The menu bar allows a user to perform simple tasks such as going backward on a page, refresh the page, and access the menu button. These buttons allow a user to carry out their desired task easily and this improves the user’s overall experience with the chosen web browser.

Arrangements of I/O

Product Strategist Ryan Singer defines U.I as “the arrangement of inputs and outputs that enable people to apply the computer’s functions to create the outcomes they want.” Basically, Singer is saying that the arrangement of buttons or layouts can help consumers use the website and tell it what to do via the user’s interface. For example, if I am using a calculator web application, the arrangement of the numbered buttons and the buttons that has the +, -, ÷, ×, would be the user’s interface because those buttons tell the computer that I want a certain number to do an operation with another number.

Functions, Inputs, Outputs, and Navigation

In addition, the ingredients of user’s interface can be boiled down to four items, these four items are “functions, inputs, outputs, and navigation”. These properties are important because they define the functional aspects of U.I design. I mentioned earlier that U.I design is the combination of functionality and form, therefore the four properties that I have mentioned are the essential bare bones of what a good U.I have. Although the four essential ingredients may seem basic, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about web development. After all, this is one of the reasons why Facebook and Instagram have such a wide appeal, their simplistic U.I makes it easy to input new photos, navigate through the user’s friend’s list and perform a basic task.

UI Design - Seattle Web Design

Minimalistic UI Web Design

Minimalistic UI Web design is one of the most popular styles nowadays. There are more people on the world-wide-web now than there were when the internet started, this would mean that those people have a wide range of technical abilities with computers. Therefore, if businesses want to attract more customers, it is mandatory to have a U.I which allows users to navigate their websites with ease.

Good UI Web Design

So what makes a good U.I and how does one test it? A way to test out the U.I is to research user habits. For example, if the web developer discovers that the user would like to buy a product. However for some reason, the buy button requires five clicks as opposed to two clicks like most items, this would require a U.I redesign because the user’s habits to buy most items is significantly different from the item that requires five clicks. The change in user’s habits could also result in a loss of sales because buyers are afraid of unfamiliar environments.

So what is minimalism?

Minimalism as a “simplicity of style…achieved by using the fewest and barest essentials or elements to maximum effect” with designs that have “white space, better typography, grid layouts, and fewer colors.” Admittedly in the eyes of an average consumer, minimalism looks easy to create even though to master minimalist design means to master design. It’s harder to pull off because you can’t hide behind ornament and decoration. Basically, minimalism looks easy to create because a master designer can make any design look effortlessly.

Overall, minimal design can look like child’s play because a master designer can make it look easy, however, how did this minimal trend arise from a long history of computer technology development? U.I Industry Writer Daniel Rounds writes that one of the first batch computing computers did not have a graphical display similar to modern-day laptops/desktops.

Graphical Display History

A graphical display is important because it allows interaction and correction with the computer in real time, this reduces processing time and helps fix errors in the code. However, the first computers “consisted of the input of a punched card…”.

The next integration of user interfaces is to have a video display terminal and have the ability to modify the data on the screen as opposed to “having them printed. It also made economic sense by removing the need for ink and printing materials.” According to Daniel Rounds, the first GUI was “developed by researchers at Xerox Palo Research Center in the 1970’s” which eventually lead to the first “fully integrated desktop computer was the Xerox Star released in 1981.” This lead to many other computer companies copying the feel of the graphical GUI such as the Mac OS System 1 that was released in 1984. It wasn’t until Windows 95 that computers had a “small close button and a resize thumb on each window”.

Graphical Innovations

The impact of these graphical innovations allows a more intuitive approach to using the computer. The transition from punch cards and a monitor display had a tremendous impact on the efficiency of computing power. Furthermore, a punch card had to be verified and check if there were any mistakes on the card themselves.  This would result in an increase in work time and frustrations among employees because the punched cards had to be retyped and checked again. Additionally, a standard workroom would have many Batch computers that were very loud and the lack of real-time interaction with the console created an inefficient work environment.

UI Web Design Gradually Improves

The standard way of thinking about UI web design is that it gradually improves over time; a computer monitor with windows and a mouse pointer that can interact with the screen is much easier to use than typing commands into a terminal. Also, UI web design stems from trial and errors and certain principles are the backbone of good UI web design. According to the book Software for Use: A Practical Guide to the Models and Methods of Usage-Centered Design by Larry L. Constantine and Lucy A.D, the six design principles of U.I are structure, simplicity, visibility, feedback, tolerance and the reuse principles.

The structure principle demonstrates that the layouts of a website need to be consistent and have a uniform feel to each other.

UI Web Design

An example of bad structure principle

This is a bad example because the text boxes have different size and color. This lack of color cohesion leads to an inconsistent design. The simplicity principle states that the design should make the common task easy to do and provides good shortcuts to longer procedures.

web design services - UI Design

Authentic Weather App by Tobias van Schneider.

U.I. Examples

This UI exemplify the simplicity principle because the app has three options on the screen. The Facebook and Twitter buttons allow a user to share the weather status on their account. Whereas the top screen allows a user to check what the weather is like. The visibility principle claims that a website or a product should present the options and materials to the user without confusion or be a distraction to the consumers.

The Amazon website shows that a website can be easy to navigate with a range of options an Amazon buyer would need access to.

The feedback principle states that one’s design should keep the user informed of their own actions or errors that might occur. Amazon has the cart icon to show the user how much items are in their cart and if they have successfully put an item into their carts yet.

UI Web Design should be Memorable

The reuse principles acknowledge the user’s need for familiarity and argue that the user’s interface should be easy to remember. Also, the user should not need to memorize new menu buttons or layouts. These properties are saying that when the user visits the website over and over again, there should be a sense of familiarity with where each button and how to navigate the website. This sense of familiarity establishes a sense of trust between the user and the website because human beings tend to gravitate towards things that they are familiar with. For example, Facebook has gone through many updates, however, their website still feels familiar to use for most users. This is a good use of the reuse principle because Facebook is able to capture the feel and likeness of its website and still implement new changes and updates.

Future Enhancements of UI Web Design

The improvements in voice recognition software will enhance the UI aspects of web design. For example, with Apple’s Siri it is possible to “set appointments, search the internet, set timers and other simple tasks. The potential of this type of human-computer interaction is absolutely huge, but we’ve still got a long way to go.” Just as the first Batch computer did not have a graphical display.

I believe that a similar trend will happen with computers and voice recognition software. Within the next five years, the adoption rate of voice recognition will be over 80%. This is because the current trend in technology is to have things getting smaller. However, with a smaller screen interface will become much hard to navigate. However, voice certainly promises a deeper and more ubiquitous method for interacting with our devices.  This is similar to how in the past after the Xerox Star was released with a graphical display interface, many other computer manufacturers followed suit. Speech recognition will no doubt be the next major improvement similar to how graphical display was a game changer in 1981. You’re seeing it with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.


When designing a UX, here are some key questions you could ask yourself


How would a user interact with the UI?


How would a user find the product of your company?


Feedback be after the interaction they’ve had with the UI?

Microsofts UI Change

Microsoft implemented a small change to their search engine which ultimately resulted in revenue of $80 million dollars. When Microsoft was designing their search engine, Bing, they tested a variety of colors and found out that blue was the most favorite color. Users would engage more when the color was blue.

Improving User Experience

Mobile Compatibility

A mobile friendly website can potentially yield a lot of users as more than half of all the people in the world own one. People tend to use their smartphones on a daily basis than their personal computers and laptops as smartphones are easy to access.


Having an aesthetically designed website will definitely increase user traffic. 94% of the negative feedback received from the website was due to poor design. The design of your website should be simple and clean, nothing too fancy as that could potentially ruin the UX. Even animation, such as micro-animations should be concisely placed.

Some tips for website design are:

  • Correct colors
  • Good quality photos
  • Clean navigation
  • Consistency


Testing out your website is important in making sure there aren’t any errors that a user might run into. Running a trial and error approach will benefit your website.


In the future interface will no longer be trapped in tiny screens but instead, there will be other methods such as voice. When interactions are no longer limited to what is on the computer screen Thus would increase the possibilities of how technology can help other people. For example, imagine a future where blind people can have their cell phones detect where they are and navigate them through traffics.  The U.I would need to be off-screen and be easy to use for those that have never seen a screen in their life. Although U.I may seem like a trivial aspect of web design? In fact, it’s crucial in terms of today’s concern over accessibility for those with disabilities. In addition, smart home, as well as 5G technologies, will clear the path for new UI designs.

The history of web design has evolved and will continue to do so.

UI Web design is a necessity for consumers who have little computer knowledge and for those who cannot use a computer because of physical impairments. The field of U.I design contains an immense potential to open the doors of technology for those that are physically impaired. After all, UI Web design is an ever-changing discipline, and the future can only get better.

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