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Ways To Inject Personality Into Your Website

A little personality on your website can really help you get more customers, grow your brand, and increase conversions. Learn how to add personality to your website in this blog post.

Website Personality

What sets the best websites apart from their competitors? Well, there are plenty of factors to consider. Speed is absolutely a priority: the faster a site loads, the better. Overall development quality is a must-have, too: an unreliable website is likely to drive people away. In addition to including the essential web pages sooner or later, you need to get past the technical elements and start thinking about the content.

We can break this down further, but we needn’t do so completely — the part we’re going to be looking at here is personality. After all, leading websites aren’t exciting in fundamental ways: what makes them captivating is what they contain. The top websites in hotly-contested niches are often those that feel different, leading users to return.

If it were easy to create a captivating website, though, there would be much less value in doing so. It takes effort and creativity to make a website that shows personality, and many fail at it. But what about you? Can you manage it? Think to yourself: how do I add personality to my website? It largely depends on your attitude. If you’re willing to make a real commitment, you can achieve it. To help you out, we’re going to set out five ways in which you can subtly convey personality through your site. Let’s get to them.

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Pick a unique set of stylistic features to add personality to your website.

First impressions are hugely important when it comes to adding personality to your website. What a visitor to your website sees immediately upon arrival will influence how they view it in general. Take color, for instance: the color scheme you choose for your site will shape how it comes across. Color theory is wishy-washy in many ways, but the associations it touches upon are entirely legitimate. People inevitably link green to growth and nature and red to passion and power.

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If you want your website to feel calm, then you can lean on some pastel colors. You can also opt for rounded shapes instead of using harsh angles. Take a look at top websites geared towards young children, and you’ll see many bubble shapes because they feel gentler. Find ways to convey your chosen characteristics and add personality to your website in the colors, shapes, and structures you choose.

Remember to be consistent with the stylistic approach you choose when adding personality to your website. In ideal circumstances, people from your target audience will be visiting your site semi-frequently for years to come, and during that time, their perception of you will develop. Using your branding elements in some instances but not others will confuse and make you seem incompetent or indifferent.

Due to this, you should create a set of brand guidelines that you can follow whenever you update your website or produce branded content. After all, you may need to outsource certain tasks, so relying on the consistency of your in-house team isn’t the best idea — plus, having a convenient document ready to go will make future employee onboarding easier.

Add personality to your website by creating and updating a brand blog.

Companies of all shapes and sizes have blogs these days, yet running a blog is notably time-consuming. Why is it worthwhile? Though blogging is good for SEO (HubSpot has a good piece on SEO), it’s also good for showing personality by talking about non-corporate things. If you want to blog about the latest news or simply a topic that interests you, you can do so at your leisure.

This can allow you to let your hair down (so to speak) and allow your enthusiasm and knowledge to shine through without worrying quite so much about being optimally professional. Each time you release a new post, you can engage with the prospective audience via social media, explaining what motivated you to write it and what you hope to achieve with it.

Now, since you’re aiming to add personality to your website, it bears noting that your blog must be established on your website — i.e., not as a third-party site to which you link. If your site was built on a blogging-centric platform like WordPress, this should be easy. If it wasn’t, you might need to look for a suitable plugin or even have a developer add a blog section.

Stick to a tone in everything you write when adding personality to your website

Some brands are very tonally inconsistent. They seem upbeat at some times and almost dejected at others. The personality you’re trying to show needs to be consistent to be memorable. Otherwise, you’ll seem erratic. Due to this, the more you can write with the same tone, the more effective it will become, really adding personality to your website.

That means you shouldn’t stop at blogging. You should produce other forms of content for your website. Write some FAQs for new visitors. Create a knowledge base to help people achieve their goals (a platform like Crisp Chat will make this easier if you’re unsure how to approach it). Take to social media, then embed the best-performing posts on your website’s homepage so everyone will see them when they visit. It all adds up.

Remember that those who stick with you over time become more valuable to your cause, whatever it may be. If you focus on advocacy, your followers will slowly become more dedicated to helping you achieve your goals — and if you run an eCommerce operation, your long-term customers will be more susceptible to your marketing efforts and less reluctant to spend. It’s this, above all else, that makes tonal consistently so important.

Include some tasteful self-deprecation

Companies often take themselves much too seriously. This doesn’t make them seem any more impressive. On the contrary, it makes them seem self-important and even delusional depending on the claims they issue. In truth, the companies show they can joke about themselves, adding personality to their website and earning our support. You can take advantage of that through some well-timed self-deprecation (your About Us section should be great for this).

Note the use of the word “tasteful” here because that’s a mission-critical concern in terms of adding personality to your website. When self-deprecation goes too far, it becomes hugely irritating and comes across as trying too hard to be relatable. So instead of waxing lyrical about how cringe-worthy and incompetent you are, cleave fairly closely to standard professionalism but throw in the semi-frequent remark at your expense to remind the reader that you’re not a robot.

Display some interesting employee photos

If you want to add personality to your website, visuals always hit harder than text, which is why it’s so disappointing when companies opt for the most uninspired employee headshots you can imagine. They seem to be so worried about coming across as unprofessional that they’re wholly unwilling to break from the norm. You mustn’t make that mistake when adding personality to your website.

Instead, please take the opportunity to let your employees decide what profile photos they want to use. The more fun they have with it, the better: if they look to be enjoying themselves, it’ll reflect really well on the company overall. People want to support companies that treat their workers well, after all — not those who require them to be bland.

You can even try making cinemagraphs (videos with static elements or images with moving elements, depending on how you look at them). The added motion can really get across some interesting personality quirks and make your team photos captivating, adding some real personality to your website. Remember that body language is immensely important to human communication: even the slightest motion can convey a significant amount of information about the person moving.

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