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New Website – Website Design & Development

You’ve probably arrived here because your looking to starting a website project or launching a small business website? May be your looking to revamp your existing e-commerce platform, or just looking to get a simple landing page designed for your marketing campaign? You must note that the worst development jobs are those that end up with runaway scope creep. That happens when the client doesn’t really know what they want and they keep adding to the project as it moves forward. This proves to be costly for the client, and can result in frustration on both sides. For this to be avoided the scope and finer details of the website should be clearly defined.
A website developer will pose a number of questions up front, it will help the client  to carefully think through all of the areas they need in advance, thus reducing and eliminating a headache down the road. Hence, prior to even getting your website project off the ground you should ask yourself some questions:new website

  • Who will be the target audience? Which website industry will your website fall under?
  • What will be the purpose of the website? Informational or e-commerce.
  • What makes you or will make you different and stand out from your competition?
  • Why should people do business with you as opposed to your competition?
  • Do you have a logo in mind, as well as a color scheme for your logo?
  • Do you have content, content and more content? Ideally digital content will be of preference by any website design service.
  • Will you be needing any type of animation on your website?
  • Do you currently have a website, if so what do you like and what do you not like about it? Does the website need a redesign?
  • Is your current website responsive. Will responsive web development be taken care of during the web designing process?
  • What are you expecting your new website to incorporate, may be your competition has these features?
  • Are there any other websites you like in terms of layout and design? Research into what you feel would be the ideal or “best websites” for your business.
  • If your looking at a new website, have you thought about a domain name (i.e.
  • Where is your current website or will your new website be hosted?
  • Do you plan to update the website, or will you have web developers do this?
  • Have you considered website design services that offer content management systems such as WordPress – What’s WordPress?
  • Of course do you have some budget in mind for this project? A budget will help the person/people responsible in the website development process to better provide what website choices are available to you.
  • Something that many clients don’t ask is, what technologies will be used in the construction of their websites, for example, will it WordPress, PHP, Python or simply HTML/CSS. Always ask!
  • Is your web developer current and up to date with his/her skills?
  • Who will be conducting the website testing, the developer or you?

Confused?  Don’t worry, we have provided a number of web development tutorials as well as a blog that cover a range of topics for small business websites.  We always ensure that your experience during the web design process is smooth and one to remember. You don’t need to be a computer science geek to read some of the resources we have provided. Still have questions? Then contact us, a Seattle website design company.

Website Design Scope

  • How many pages of content will need to be developed? Develop an outline of your website, basically this will include an hierarchy of pages your website will have, for example:
    • Home Page
    • About Us
    • Services
      • Services 1
      • Services 2
      • Services 3
    • Testimonials
    • Contact Us
  • Do you have any specific photos you plan to use?
  • Do you have full rights to those files?
  • Can you provide hi-res files to us?
  • Will your visitors require any special needs (i.e., screen reader ready, larger fonts)?
  • Do you require your site to be mobile friendly (responsive design)?
  • What information must be on the home page?
  • What information must always be visible?
  • What is your timeline for this website to go live?
  • Will you be doing online marketing?
  • Will you need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) done?
  • Will you need specific functionalities? (Contact us for an in depth website consultation)