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Digital Content is anything that is digital data. Which means digital content is anything along the lines of music, videos, pictures, documents, and eBooks. With the internet becoming more popular, digital content has also increased in line with the internet. If you use the internet, you have been looking at digital content. Whether you read/watch the news, or even go on Facebook, it is all digital content. This also ties into how there is paid digital content and free digital content. An example of paid digital content is software, like Microsoft Office, or iTunes. While an example of free digital content is something such as Google Maps. Three important things about digital content are data representation, data storage, and Coding language.

Data representation is important for digital content because it determines how and what you see or hear. Since “Data representation refers to the form in which data is stored, processed and transmitted.” (Parsons 17), it’s crucial to digital content. Smartphones, for example, store their data in formats that can be operated by electronic circuitry. Digital devices represent digital data using the binary number system. Binary digits or bits is only a 0 or a 1, it does not go to 2. This is because it is easier for digital devices to calculate only using 0s and 1s. Character data a.k.a. a text is the letters, numbers, and symbols not used in calculations. There are many different types of code used to represent text. This makes sense since there is digital text everywhere on the internet. Digital audio is also represented in binary format so that digital devices can use them.

Data storage is another key point of digital content because if data isn’t stored properly it cannot be represented. All data stored by digital devices is stored as bits. Bytes are a group of 8 bits. Storage is expressed in bytes, while transmission speed is expressed in bits. An example of bytes is you can buy a phone with 32-gigabyte storage. While an example of bits is, you are downloading a game at 10 megabits per second. With data storage comes the option to compress the data. Data compression is anything that re-codes data to make it have fewer bits, also known as “zipping”. There are two types of data compression, lossy and lossless. Lossy compression is when some of the original data is lost, and if uncompressed will not be the exact same. Lossless compression is where data is compressed and can be returned to the original state.

Coding language is mandatory for digital content. It is how your digital device knows you are listening, watching, or reading digital content. Any numeric digital data is represented with binary, which your device will be able to understand the code. It also allows the devices to do very advanced calculations quickly, faster than most humans. There are many codes for representing text. Such as Unicode, UTF-8, and ASCII. Which all operate differently from each other. Even with the many codes of text, your device is still able to understand the coding languages. Since there is digital text everywhere, it makes sense that coding language is necessary to understand how to format. Therefore, coding language is so important, if you understand it you will be able to create things using it.

Digital content is currently gaining popularity every day because every day more people use the internet. Currently the average salary for a digital content specialist is $55,554( or $64,260( Digital content will always continue growing along with the internet. Just as Facebook has become huge, digital content grew with it. It is also huge because people have something that they want to create or to share. Video websites such as YouTube also gain a lot of popularity on a daily basis. Music apps are getting more listeners each day. Rather than the traditional paperback book, many choose to buy a book on their digital devices for their convenience. Also, it has become more convenient to watch tv at your own convenience, especially if you miss the time that episode airs.. When if you watch it online it is there on demand.Digital COntent - VisualwebzCom - Visualwebz - Renton-98058

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The future for content digitally is booming. Digital content will only continue to grow and grow. It is estimated that “70% of the population will have a smartphone by 2020” (Stephanie Mlot).

This means that 70% of the population will have access to digital content. Even the other 30% that would not have a smartphone would still have access to it via computer or laptop. Digital content will continue long into the future. It is because it is ever changing,
you can always improve it. Just like how the person who made the first computer probably never dreamt of what we have now. Even the top notch digital devices now could be obsolete in only a years’ time, if not sooner. Digital content will be further developed in the future by those who have something that they want to create.

visualwebzCom-Renton-98058-WA-digital-content-Visualwebz-seattle-website-developerHaving content in digital format is a part of every student and teacher’s daily life, as the canvas is digital content. Even this paper is digital content. The future for digital content is bright, making it a good career to pursue if it is your passion. There are many job opportunities for it since it has been predicted that digital content will only continue to grow. Data representation is important because if it is misrepresented it will not be seeable or hearable. Data storage is needed for the data to even be represented in the first place. The coding languages are needed to produce the amazing stuff digital devices can do. This is why these three things are the most important pieces of knowledge on digital content. From Facebook to YouTube, each person has their preference of digital content. Digital content will only continue to become better and bigger than ever.

It should also be noted that while there is content available in digital format that you must pay for it, like movies, or music. People have been illegally downloading them essentially stripping the owner of profit and making their effort go to waste. This is not uncommon now in this day and age, and people do not see anything wrong with it. However, that does not justify stealing from others. People who put out digital content work very hard to produce what they make. Although there are cases of people getting fined the majority receive no backlash whatsoever. Just as there are various types of digital content, there are even more ways to steal them. If more restrictions were ever put in place, people would probably find a way to bypass them.


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