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Front End vs Back End Developers

Front End vs Back End Developers and how they differ. 

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All About Front End bs Back End Developers 

We will look at Front End bs Back End Developers but will not weigh on one being better than the other. If you say you want to be a web developer, you might want to ask yourself: What kind? There are many differences between front­end developers and back­end developers.  They deal with different languages. The web development skills and tools they use are different.  The education they need is different. They focus on different parts of the website. They have different responsibilities. They have different mindsets. Their salary is different. 

Front End vs Back End Developers

Different technologies and skills that are used in both the front­end and back­end website design development. But they work together to shape websites and their applications to meet the desired purpose for the customer and its clients.

From their names, front side developers work with the browser, basically what the user sees. They deal with the user or client side.  Back­end developers are named because their work is done on the server, what we don’t see. That is why these developers are referred to as working with server-side programming languages.  This code will determine how the website functions. They create a link between the server and the user to create a site that fulfills the customer’s needs.  If the front­end of the website was a beautiful flower, the back­end would be the roots.

Server Side Code

The back­end developer builds an application (using server side code like PHP, Ruby, Python, .Net etc.) which connects with a database (using MySQL, SQL, Access etc.) to look up, save or change data and return it back to the user in form of front­end code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Back­end developer helps us search for items in a shop, and interact on social media. Think about Google, Amazon, Facebook; without the back­side developer you couldn’t search Google for where to find a local plumber. In order to find this information, the engine needs to search a database, or several, then use programs and algorithms to put them in the most logical order.  Another example, you couldn’t pay your cell phone bill.  The front­end developer added the picture and content for you to see your bill, but if you could only pay half your bill today the application would have to calculate what half your bill was and select if the company would allow you to pay it and with what method of payment and which other servers it needs to communicate with to do this. 

Think about how Facebook can make sure you receive only local ads on the side of your page.  That’s a program running on the server.  How you can send a selfie to your friends? Then has it tweeted at the same time and be added to your photos? Without the web developer the ability to comment on a photo or record the number of likes would happen.  Facebook is able to use your data and with the help of a program that uses an algorithm, they can suggest to people that you might know.  Now the front­end developer might design the layout or creatively figure out how to make the site “pop” but without the back­end developer, you wouldn’t have all those functional features.

Front End Developers and Languages

Back­end developers have more flexibility and front­end developers are more standardized.  It’s fairly standard that there are three main languages front­end developers use:

HTML for markup, CSS for presentation, and JavaScript for scripting. The back end can run pretty much anything they want to on the server since it doesn’t rely on the user’s browser to understand what’s going on.  However, if they deploy on the cloud it may be restricted to those languages which the cloud provider has installed on its platform.  The same goes for renting space on a server.

Money, Money and More Money

Back­end developers have a higher salary, but they earn it because there are a lot of  responsibilities, such as: server side programming languages ( PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, SQL,  Python and Java)  which could be different based off  the project or platform you are working.  They deal with database creation and management, integrating the database. They might need to develop, deploy, or maintain a content management system (CMS).  They might need to add security settings, reporting (analytics/statistics), backup and restore data for both website data and database.

Front end developers are the builders of website visuals and interactivity. Similar to designers, they haveto keep up with the latest trends in code and design. From the look of a website to its interactive aspects are the work of a front­end developer. An artistic mind accompanied by a good set of skills in web development languages and tools make a great front end developer who can deliver a well designed and functional website clients require from them.

Learning and Staying up to Date

Front­end developers are learning all the time. The web is continually evolving, as well as coding languages which are vital skills for the technical aspect of front end development. Front­end developers do not do their work alone either. They have to learn how to collaborate with others, such as their co­workers. Alongside them, they have back­end developers to complete the other part of their work such as the security of a website. In order to meet the expectations of their clients, good communication skills are a must. To understand what is required in the front end of a website, developers periodically discuss with designers and their employers, to ensure that the website’s content and presentation is acceptable before it becomes final. Collaboration goes hand in hand with combining the work of others. Front­end developers team up with other designers and back­end developers who aid the development of different parts and functionalities of the website. The ability to test their website is important during the development process. It allows the front end developer to assess their website’s appearance before coming up with possible fixes or optimizations.

Front­end developers need to be knowledgeable in HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages. HTML is the standard mark­up language needed to code any website. CSS enhances the content created in HTML; front end developers use this mark­up language to visually appeal to their target audience. JavaScript is a necessary programming language that furthers the functionality and interactivity of their website.  These languages operate in the browser so there’s no extra installations required. As for tools, front­end developers reply on debugging programs such as Chrome Developer Tools. These set of programs can test their code instantaneously.

Rather than figuring out a tedious code on their own, front­end developers resort to simplified libraries of JavaScript, such as jQuery. It’s highly functional and capable of adding in plug­ins and animation.

However, back­end languages do require you to install them on a server or a computer for them to run.  The back end is more focused on making sure all the right data gets sent out to the browser. They might need to create and integrate an API (application programming interface), to interact with the database to pull info, save or change data. There is a lot of database integration, and that will probably require SQL experience.  They need to understand web server technologies and cloud computing integration.  While you have options for languages the popular choice that back­end developers use are PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, Python and Java. The following programming languages and frameworks are used, mostly individually, to create a robust back end:

HTML, Ruby, SQL, and Django, What are all these?

Ruby on Rails is a web development framework, designed to ease the effort involved in coding through simpler syntax grammar. This Model­View­Controller (MVC) framework employs Ruby as the programming language. It can be implemented on most web servers and is compatible with popular databases.  Python is a programming language which is widely used for its readability and syntax. It provides ease of use for programming, particularly when employed in tandem with the web development framework Django. It is a portable language, which means that it can utilized for requirements across platforms. PHP, a hypertext preprocessor is a popular server side script language and interpreter. It can be embedded into HTML when the code is run on the server, HTML is generated which is sent to the user.  PHP offers a number of utilitarian features, such as scalability, ease of deployment and simplified coding.SQL, otherwise known as Structured Query Language, is the standard language for relational database management systems. It is used to interact with the database that is a part of the back­end.

Statements written in SQL are employed to accomplish tasks related to the updating or retrieval of data. Java Enterprise Edition is considered to still hold its ground for large web applications that require reliability, scalability, and stability. Knowledge of Java is required for websites that are high security (such as for those used in banking and insurance) or generate high traffic.

Active Server Pages.NET, or ASP.NET, is a programming language used to design web pages and is developed by Microsoft. A part of the .NET framework, ASP.NET facilitates the building of dynamic websites and applications by leveraging compiled languages such as VB and C#.

Some Final Pointers

Front end operates in the browser with front­end developers focusing on the aesthetics, the look and feel of the website. They create a visual environment that will draw visitors to the site. Back­end developers build the guts of the website that provides functionality, facilitate the server and work on the functions website visitors cannot see.  These developers are in charge of integrating elements that aid interaction between the user and the website. When users interact with websites, they expose themselves to risk. Back­end developers also make sure the server security is in top notch and capable of preventing hacks that can expose users ‘sensitive information.

Front­end developers are more right-brained: intuitive, imaginative, creative.  Back­end developers tend to be more left brained: logical, technical, they use linear thinking.  Generally, back­end developers get paid more, even though more front­end developers are learning and doing more programming and back­end development.  Back­end developers average over $85,000­$100,000 while front­end get around over $50,000 per year.  When it comes down to education, a front­end developer’s portfolio can be worth more than a degree, but a back­end developer’s college degree and hands-on coding experience are required.  When choosing either one of the two to pursue, it could depend on your personality, what kind of salary you want or how much freedom and creativity you want. Overall any website development career will be rewarding and in demand.

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Front End vs Back End Developers

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Front End vs Back End Developers

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