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Bing and Yahoo are currently in a very rough position for search engines to be in. Being dominated by Google, there is not much that they can do to come back up to their glory days. Yahoo was started in January 1994 at Stanford university. Bing was started on June 1st of 2009. These two search engines have been around for some time now but for whatever reason they are still around and probably not going anywhere anytime soon. Disregarding the age of these engines they are still quite popular for their own individual reasons. Many of the features that these engines provide have changed or “evolved over the years and it has only made them better. There will always be competition amongst the search engines but that does not make one search engine better than the other because they are all unique in their own ways, whether it be being more detailed, easier on the eyes, or more focused onto one service rather than a multitude of them. So why are Bing and Yahoo still important?Bing-and-YahooYahoo is one of the biggest search engines on the net that included a multitude of services, some of these services are Yahoo News, Yahoo TV, Yahoo Finance, and even Yahoo autos. There are so many local shopping options that can be done on the site. However, this was not enough to keep the company at the top. Yahoo could not keep up with the changing era of the smart phone and they could not keep up with Google’s search market share( However, the engine has not shut down just yet. The site still draws loyal visitors thanks to email services, and all of the other services have not gone away just yet so people can still do so much of their shopping online through Yahoo. Some other things to keep in mind are that Yahoo is the place where most Americans get their news information rather than the local television. For the majority of Americans, keeping up on the latest is all day activity, and 69 percent of Americans say that in addition to their television, they depend on their computers or other devices for access to news coverage. Amidst this growing number of people who get their news via devices, Yahoo has proven to be the most popular news site, topping behemoths like the Huffington Post, CNN and, yes, Google News ( Yahoo has a large audience with mobile users approximately 82.4 percent of U.S. mobile internet users used Yahoo sites or apps in 2013 ( Yet, people don’t simply go onto Yahoo just for emails and news, people also visit the website for entertainment. Yahoo’s oft-overlooked status as the 4th-most popular web destination for videos is another indicator of its ill-gotten sleeper status among marketers. With over 125,000,000 unique monthly visitors to Yahoo Screen, marketers are missing out on great potential by ignoring the clear popularity of Yahoo’s video site.

While it’s true that YouTube is by far the most popular video destination on the web, with over 1 billion unique monthly visitors (

The next big contender is Bing. Bing has not been around for a very long time however it is still leading alongside Yahoo in the search department. Bing also provides many services such as Finance, Health, News, and Recipe. Now some of these might not be as diverse as Yahoo’s but there is still some content that many users find useful which is really all that matters. Bing is however more diverse in culture, this is because it can be displayed in a variety of languages including Dutch, Hindi, Korean, Lithuanian and Basque, of course there are still many. This alone makes it easier for users to search in their native tongue in case theirs is not English. Bing has now been moved into the iPhone as of 2013, Apple has dropped Google as their search engine in favor of Bing, so now iPhone users can make use of Bing services. Bing’s results win in terms of the smoothness of its social integrations. The company’s contracts with both Facebook and Twitter give it access to more social data than Google, which must rely on the lesser-used Google+ network. The way it integrates social recommendations into its SERPs is also much less cluttered than Google’s results. In many ways, Bing’s results look like Google’s used to, before Google cluttered its listings with “+1” buttons, social annotations and other useless features. Bing is now a more detailed search engine because it fills the search results with detailed information based on the search. If you search for a term like “Raiders football,” Bing makes better use of the white space on the right side, displaying contextual information about the team, its history, news, and more. Both engines, Google and Bing, show me the recent scores, but Google’s card displays a more complete upcoming schedule. Bing’s lead widens when you search for celebrities, as it includes videos as well as images and biographical information. And though Microsoft could do a better job of highlighting this information, Bing provides one-click links to a celeb’s social media pages for what they’re thinking about, right now

When it comes to familiarity, Google shares the same familiarity as Bing and Yahoo, because everyone has heard of them. However, there’s a difference in the reasons as to why people have heard of the search engines. For Google, people know it because it is now generalized into our everyday speech, for example if you want to know the price of an expensive car one could say “Google it” and not “Bing it” or “Yahoo it”. So that makes Google a more known engine. However, Google can’t compare to Bing because some people know Bing for giving you the results to exactly what you searched for and not things similar enough that they make you scroll and scroll until you get the search that you actually wanted, this might not always be the case but we sure don’t want that to ever happen. Bing also like to get a little closer to its users, Bing has a rewards system that rewards you for every time you make a search, the points earned can be exchanged for gift cards or merchandise, Google can’t compare to something like this. Yahoo has an exceptional email service and it’s hard to deny that Yahoo was our first email. Almost everyone started with Yahoo and has stayed with them because their email service is not at all bad. It can connect to multiple devices and it doesn’t have a limit to how much emails it can store, where Google might make you clean up if you have too many emails stored, what if they’re important? Well there will always be some things that Google cannot compete with Bing or Yahoo in, and this is one of the bigger reasons as to why they are still around.

In summary, the era of the internet has expanded to a whole new level in which we cannot live without it never the less progress without it. Yahoo and Bing are two of the three main suppliers for information on the internet and they will continue to be in the top three for years to come. Both of these search engines are still relevant to people depending on the choice of the person. Some people might like to go onto Yahoo simply because their email system is easier to use than other providers, or maybe because they want to enjoy a nice video about the cat that goes around on a tricycle while wearing a cool hat. While other people might go onto Bing so they can go and find an infinite amount of pictures to decide what they want for their background, or they can let Bing automatically change it so long they make it their homepage. No matter the reason for using the engines people will still use them as a source of information rather than using Google because that is what they are most comfortable with, they are loyal because these engines have found a way to make them stay and feel welcomed. So Bing and Yahoo will remain important until the next search engine rises and surpasses them all to bring us a new resource.



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