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Search Engines – Bing vs Yahoo vs Google

Search Engines, Still fighting, or is there a clear winner? Bing vs Yahoo vs Google, which search engine should you be using?

As a small business in which search engines should your SEO consultant be targetting? Of course, Google would be the ideal answer, and no doubt is. But, the other two most used search engines Bing, and Yahoo should also be considered.

What is a Search Engine?

Before we start to understand the pros and cons of each search engine. We need to know what a search engine is first; a search engine is a feature that lets users find information. Content is found and searched through word or keyword queries. Generally, search engines have an algorithm that lets them index content and makes it available to the public.  For example, the AI algorithms search the title, its contents, paragraphs, and more. Not only that, but the algorithm also has another feature that records data on the number of people that visit the web pages as well as the time they are on it (know as the bounce rate). This data then helps rank the website.

Of course, any SEO expert or digital marketing agency would tell you that there are many other factors that determine how websites sites are ranked.  Also, a clear fact that SEO history has shown that the process of indexing, ranking, and delivering content on the web has been a Google trend. For example, nowadays the push is towards more AI and indexing sites where spammy content and black hat techniques are becoming a thing of the past.

Global Search Engine Market Share (2020)







Google Search Engine

What is Google? Google was first established by two students at Standford University named Larry Page and Sergey Brin, they first called “BackRub”, but they then decided to do a name change and call it to google, in 1996 they then went on to fully focus on developing Google as a search engine, and from then on till this day. It grew to become the world’s leading search engine. In fact, the term “Googling” has only been possible due to its key purpose of locating content. Why Google? People tend to use Google a lot more than other search engines due to the simplicity and accuracy of churning out the right results. The Google ranking algorithm has only got better and more intelligent.

Bing Search Engine

What is Bing? Bing was first established by Microsoft and launched back in 2009. Microsoft already knew that Google was dominating the search engine market, so they developed Bing to compete with this giant by having a different search engine. The result over the years has shown little demand for Bing.

Why Bing, Bing is commonly known for its more attractive user interface, while it’s not as quick nor better than Google. A few groups choose Bings because of its overall look, as it is more pleasing to look at compared to Google and Yahoo’s very dull background. Another thing that Bing is known for is its search results, Bing tends to show a more spotlight on smaller business. Lastly, Bing is well known for its great pictures, as you can crop and resize the picture of what you’re searching for, this is very nifty as it can help web developers find pictures easily without a hassle. One disadvantage of using Bing is its small market share.

Yahoo Search Engine

What is Yahoo? Yahoo was first founded in 1994 and established by Standford graduates named Jerry Yang and David filo, Yahoo is made up to be a website to provide users with plenty of information, tools, and access to other websites. It also contained an email service, a directory of other websites, and a news branch. Yahoo was once a search engine giant during the late ’90s and early ’00s. but when other search engines such as Google, MSN, and AOL started coming into the search engine competition. Yahoo’s popularity started to come down making it hard for them to take back their spot, but they’re still a well know search engine for plenty of users.

Why Yahoo, Yahoo is known to be under Bing’s search engine, so you will expect the same search results and algorithms from Bing. But what differentiates Yahoo from Google or Bing? It is yahoo’s product and services, Yahoo has plenty of directories to choose from if you are looking for something specific without having to type it in the search bar. Yahoo has its own site for entertainment, shopping, Tech, and Homework answers. Another nifty thing that yahoo has is an email service and plenty of tools embedded into their website.

Does Bing & Yahoo Still Stand A Chance…

Bing and Yahoo are currently in a very rough position when competing for the top position. Being dominated by Google, there is not much that they can do to come back. It should not be ignored when it comes to ranking websites on Bing or Yahoo. These two search engines have been around for some time. But for whatever reason, they are still around and probably not going anywhere anytime soon. Disregarding the age of these engines they are still quite popular for their own individual reasons.

Why are Bing and Yahoo still important?

Features that these engines provide have changed or “evolved over the years. There will always be competition amongst search engines. But, that does not make one search engine better than the other because they are all unique in their own ways. Whether it is being more detailed, easier on the eyes, or more focused on one service rather than a multitude of them.


Yahoo is still one of the places where Americans get their news information. Amidst this growing number of people who get their news via devices, Yahoo has proven to be the most popular news site. In fact, it tops Huffington Post, CNN, and, yes, Google News. A thing to note is that Yahoo is not really a search engine as it uses Bing for searching content on the web.


The next big contender is Bing. Bing has not been around as long as Yahoo, but it is still leading alongside Bing provides many services such as Finance, Health, and News. Now some of these might not be as diverse as Yahoo’s but there is still some content that many users find useful.

While Apple uses Google as the default search engine, Apple also uses Bing in various other places. For example, searching on Siri is done via Bing.

When it comes to familiarity, Google shares the same familiarity as Bing. However, there are differences. “Google it” has become a familiar term used by many, and is one of many reasons why Google Search Engine is a clear leader.


Takeaway on Search Engines

It doesn’t matter which Search engine you use, it is more of a preference. But, Google is crowned as the best when it comes to finding content. Though Google generates more revenue via Google Ads, it’s still a clear fact is that it dominates in multiple categories. Whether your business steers towards a PPC campaign or SEO, you should target all search engines.  But, the stronger focus should be with the market leader. In addition, Google is investing heavily in technologies like AI and voice. For example, Google Duplex, where automated intelligence would take care of a phone call!

Yahoo & Bing are still relevant to people depending on their choice. Some people might like to go onto Yahoo simply because their email system is easier to use than other providers. Or, maybe because they want to enjoy a nice video about the cat that goes around on a tricycle while wearing a cool hat. While other people might go onto Bing to find an infinite amount of pictures to decide what they want for their desktop background.

No matter the reason is for using search engines, people will still use them as a source of information. 

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