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A number of areas that should be considered prior to hiring a web developer would be:

It may be a daunting task to decide who you should hire for your online exposure, and a number of areas that should consider prior to hiring a web developer would be:

  • Ask for examples of website projects the potential web developer or firm has worked on.
  • How long will the web development take, and when will the final product be delivered?
  • It always makes sense to understand the cost of any project, be a fixed cost for that web design project or based on an hourly basis.
  • What will be included in the web project? Will there be any hidden or ongoing charges? What website choices are available?
  • Will you need any technical background to run the website once it goes live?
  • Will there be any ongoing maintenance required, and if so what will this cost?
  • Always ask for references for any website design services the company may have worked on.
  • As for a list of their best websites!
  • What skills do they have with regards to the Web Development Process  i.e. Responsive Web Design, HTML/CSS, Server Side Scripting) PHP, UI Design, WordPress, e-commerce platforms etc

In summary, it always makes sense to spend time understanding the process as well as time and cost, and more importantly ensuring that both you and website development company understand the requirements.

There are many different web design companies one can choose from when they want to have a website designed. By considering such pointers as mentioned above, one can help to ensure that the right web development company is picked for your online presence. In addition, don’t forget as a the client you should determine that the web design company you are about to hire has an adequate amount of experience and will produce the product that meets the needs. Don’t forget at Visualwebz we have that very expertise, and will deliver your needed website!

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Not sure how and/or where to start? Here is a quick resource that provides some information as to how to get started with a new website or even better contact us at info@visualwebz.com. With hundreds of websites designed and delivered by us! we can promise you that you will pleased with what we deliver. Samples of our work are available on our Portfolio page

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